Author: Kaelin Tuell

I always fall off the Wagon on the Weekends

I ALWAYS FALL OFF THE WAGON ON THE WEEKENDS I used to struggle so bad with doing good during the week… But boyyyyyyyy as soon as Friday came… My goal was no longer in sight… I bailed off the “health wagon” as soon as my weekend began. It’s like my goal went straight to the back burner while I had drinks and wings with friends… because “I had a rough week & I deserved it…”, Or popcorn and treats at the movie theater… because “you can’t watch a movie without it right?”… Or ordered in a pizza to have...

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What the Heck is Fasted Cardio???

WHAT THE HECK IS FASTED CARDIO??? I’m sure you hear people talk about Fasted Cardio, whether or not it’s more beneficial than normal cardio … I 100% Believe it is, at least for ME. (Everyone’s bodies are different, & certain things work amazing for some and others bodies not necessarily respond the same) Fasted Cardio is cardio before your first meal, (hence – Fasted) in order to increase Lipolysis which is just a fancy way of saying that your body will break down fat cells for energy. Blood flow is increased in the abdominal areas when you are in...

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You aren’t going to like this…

YOU AREN’T GOINT TO LIKE THIS… Guess what!?! It’s TIME. It’s finally HERE. Today is the day that you decide to TAKE ACTION towards your Health… You’ve been letting the days pass by saying: “I’ll start soon” “I’m really going to start this Monday” “I’m going to stop eating all this junk” “I’m going to get myself together, I swear” but here we are… & Weeks… Months… YEARS Have Passed by… Time that you COULD have been healthy if you would have STARTED when you first told yourself you would. Time passes anyways… It waits on no one. And Every...

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Vacation is my WORST Nightmare…

VACATION IS MY WORST NIGHTMARE… This morning at 5 am I left for Panama City Beach., Florida!… Where I will be meeting my family who are all driving down from Kentucky to meet us for a little family vacation… Our family has been vacationing to PCB since before I can remember, It almost feels like a second home because we spent so many summers there. However, we haven’t been in almost 10 years! So I am soooooo excited to go to all of my favorite places again… But this is where the problem lies… I havnen’t been back to PCB since...

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I’m NOT good enough

I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH “A River cuts through Rock, not because of its Power… but because of its Persistence.” Let that Marinate for a second or two… How many times have you told yourself you fell short of your goal because: “I’m not good enough” “I’m too weak” “I don’t have the knowledge” “I don’t know what I’m doing” “My obstacles are too big” etc, etc, etc… Well, I’m here to tell you that NONE of those things are what’s actually holding you back from your goal… The ONLY thing – is your PERSISTENCE. “Imperfect Action” is the cure...

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Funny story; my husband actually got me with sugar cookies 😂😂

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Soooo, last night 99 of my social media influencer friends & I set a WORLD RECORD...

for the biggest game of Bubble Soccer ever played!... 😂😂 Probably the funniest night of my life

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Honored beyond belief to be asked to step on stage in room with such World Changing people to tell how LadyBoss has impacted the lives of women all over the world... & that we’re just getting started 😘

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Killed me some arms this AM at the hotel...
Only DBs but made it happen!
💪🏼DB Shoulder press
💪🏼DB lateral raise
💪🏼DB Front Raises
💪🏼DB ALT Curls
💪🏼DB Hammer Curls
💪🏼DB T Curls
As many as I could for as long as I could!

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