Author: Kaelin Tuell

I’m Uncomfortable All OF The Time

Before I lost 65 lbs, I was uncomfortable with myself all the time. I was uncomfortable in every outfit that I put on.  I was uncomfortable out of clothes.  I was uncomfortable in bathing suits.  I was even uncomfortable wearing my winter jacket! Watch the vlog, or keep scrolling to read more… I Always Felt Like People Could Just See Right Through Me… And because I gained so much weight so fast, I just felt exposed all the time.  I literally felt like I was walking around naked.  I don’t know if you have felt the same way, but...

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I Don’t Want To Be The Token “Fat Friend”

I seriously used to call myself the token fat friend all the time. It’s terrible to say now. I hate even using the F word.  Watch the vlog, or keep scrolling to read more… I Do Not Believe In The F Word… as in F-A-T word.  I used to say it to myself all the time, like no joke.  In college, I had all these hot roommates.  I was cursed with hot roommates, okay? I was always telling myself: “Oh, I’m just the fat friend.  All my other friends are hot. They look cute in every freaking outfit.  Everything...

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I’m Tired Of Playing Mind Games With Myself

I was so tired of playing mind games with myself during my weight loss journey.  I always felt like I wasn’t measuring up to the weight loss ads. Watch the vlog, or keep scrolling to read more… I always felt short, like I was always trying to force myself to fit into this box, and to fit into this expectation that the weight loss industry had set.  It was really making me crazy. I Had 65 Pounds To Lose, And I Just Wasn’t Able To Do It By Myself… In my mind I was just thinking: “I have to...

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I’m Ashamed Of Being Seen In A Bathing Suit

I used to be so scared of being seen in a bathing suit.   Watch the vlog, or keep scrolling to read more… Excluded… Every year, my family and all of my friends would take a vacation, like Panama City Beach for the 4th of July (my favorite place in the world).  While I was there, I would put on a bathing suit, and immediately top it up with a cover up.  Then, I would sit in beach chair, under my umbrella, and just watch my family and friends have a good time…without me.   This was such a...

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I’m Tired Of Falling Off The Wagon

I’m so tired of falling off the wagon.  I used to fall off the wagon every week.  I had a serious food problem.  I was 65 lbs overweight and extremely unhappy…Sounds familiar? Watch the vlog, or keep scrolling to read more… I Just Felt Like I Could Never Win.   Even when I knew what to do, I wouldn’t do it.  Even if I knew I needed to eat healthy, I couldn’t get myself to do it, and be consistent with it.  I couldn’t even do it for a week, without falling off and ordering-in Little Caesar’s pizza…instead of...

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