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Only 2 Pieces Of Fitness Equipment For Home

What’s the best fitness equipment to have at home?  I get asked this question all the time! Watch the vlog, or scroll down to keep reading… There are only 2 things you absolutely need in your house… 1- Piece Of Cardio Equipment. Personally, I have an elliptical machine. I’ve had two knee surgeries, so in my case, it is the best form of cardio I can do.  This cardio machine allows me to wake up in the morning and do my cardio right away, and then get ready for work.  I don’t have to get up and then go...

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Can We Really Trust “Fitspirations”?!

Your fitspirations are hindering you from your own success. Watch the vlog, or keep scrolling to read more… Fitspiration: Not So Inspiring So, in the beginning of my journey, I remember posting up pictures of these fitness models that I wanted to look like, all over the place, all over my mirrors, in my notebooks, and as my wallpaper.  I understand why I did that, because I was like: “Man, I want to look like this. I want to look like this.”  But, it turned out, I was always comparing myself to them.  So, every day, when I would...

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As Someone Who Struggled With Eating Disorders…

How can we create new healthy habits? I was on my own journey to lose weight, and I was always trying to make new habits.  I was always trying to drink more water, workout, eat healthy and get more sleep.  What’s crazy is I was always trying to fit these new habits in and thought they were going to stick.  But, they just wouldn’t.   So, how do we get there then? You Have To Replace Old Habits With New Habits You can’t just pile on new habits into your life, on top of the habits you already have. ...

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I Had A Big Hole In My Life…

So what should your daily routine look like, if you want to have a healthy lifestyle? Watch the vlog, or keep scrolling to read more… Back when I was trying to lose weight, I was kind of just flying by the seat of my pants. I didn’t have a plan,I  didn’t have a structure and I didn’t have anything written down.  I was kind of just like: “Oh yeah, I might make it to the gym at whatever time.  Maybe it’ll happen” “Maybe after work or maybe on my lunch break.”  I never had a plan.  There was no...

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I Always Felt Like The Food Was In Control Of Me…

I want to talk to you today about overcoming a food addiction. Watch the vlog, or keep scrolling to read more… I am someone who struggled with food addictions and eating disorders and pretty much everything in the book. The Food Was Controlling My Life Every day, I would eat a whole pizza by myself.  I would sit in front of the TV at night time and literally eat a whole tub of cookie dough.  I would open a bag of pretzels and eat the entire bag with melted white chocolate.  That was my routine.  It just always felt like...

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❌❌ I used to stop working out and eating healthy as soon as Thanksgiving would hit ❌❌

But I turned it around!! This is how I did it!

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This is the cookie known around the world.
My Grandmas Infamous Snickerdoodle Cookie... the one that CHANGED EVERYTHING.

6 years ago to date, when I was 65 heavier, I was binging all the time, eating everything in sight - taking all of my emotions and problems out on food...

I was at my family Christmas gathering - eating my 6th Snickerdoodle Cookie when all of the sudden ...

My grandma SMACKED my Hand & said

“Now Kaelin!.... do you REALLY THINK YOU NEED THAT COOKIE?!!!”

At first I was really upset, but then I thought “You know what... She’s Right.”

& that was the pattern interrupt I needed to get me out of the Downward Spiral I was in.

I lost the 65, I feel completely different about myself, about life, about my happiness & health.

Without my Grandma’s reality check, who knows where I would be today...

Thank God For Snickerdoodle Cookies.

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