Author: Kaelin Tuell

The Truth About Motivation That Nobody Will Tell You

Time and time again, people message me and tell me: “I wish I had your motivation”.  It makes me so mad. I cannot even stand it. Motivation is such a lie. Motivation is a lie and is total BS.  Motivation comes and goes.  It is like an emotion.  It is the same as not being happy all the time; not being sad all the time; or not being excited all the time.  We are supposed to go through these emotions.  It is actually expected for us to go through this variety of emotions all of the time because we...

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Top 13 Weight Loss Questions Answered By A World Record Fitness Athlete Who Lost 65 Pounds

1)   How Many Calories Do You Eat in A Day? I don’t know how many calories I eat in a day!  The secret is: I don’t count them.  I just pay attention to the sources of all my calories.  I don’t count macros either. 2)   Do You Have a Cheat Meal or A Cheat Day? I do not have a cheat day. I have a cheat meal once per week that combines an entree and a desert. My go to cheat meal is Cold Stone Cakebatter ice cream “gotta have it” size with double cookie dough and...

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3 Quick Weight Loss Tips

I get a lot of questions everyday about what it takes to lose weight.  Some questions are about food, some are about exercising, while others are about habits and lifestyle.    The truth is, there are literally millions of great tips that I could give you.   But, because I respect your time, I came up with 3 quick tips that have made the most significant difference in my journey to losing 65lbs. What I like about these 3 tips, is that they were all life lessons that I’ve learned on my own, just by paying attention to my likes and...

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My Super Secret Ninja Tactic To Drinking Enough Water

I get tons of messages every week asking me:       How much water do I need to be drinking?       How do I get myself to drink enough water? I believe a gallon per day is a great place to start in order to make sure your body stays healthy and hydrated.  Most of us do not know this, but most of our problems with digestion, energy, and focus comes from the fact that our body is actually dehydrated.  Also, we are constantly filled with toxins that our body needs to flush out with water. I know drinking a...

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My Top 50 FAVORITE Inspirational Quotes

Ok, so just because I workout on a daily basis, does not mean I am motivated all of the time.  Motivation is more of an emotion that it is something you can “seek out” and acquire. That’s why it’s important to know what gets you excited to accomplish your goals. There are a lot of things that I use to keep me on my feet and that help me push myself, like my pump up music, preworkout supplements, having strong daily habits, visualizing my goals, and much much more. But back before I had all of those things and...

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