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I Was Flying By The Seat Of My Pants…

How to stay motivated all day. Watch the vlog, or keep scrolling to read more… I’m going to share with you what I do every morning, and on a weekly basis.   I Sit Down And I Write My Goals  So I have a sheet where I write my weekly goals. I do this on Monday morning, but you can do this on Sunday night as well.  On this sheet I write all of the things that I want to accomplish that week, at work, with myself, with my body, and my relationships.  I write all that down.   And then,...

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I Was Struggling & Down On Myself…

This is my message to you today Watch the vlog, or keep scrolling to read more… You Are Awesome I know that you are probably struggling right now, or maybe you feel a little down.  Maybe you just don’t feel like you’re getting to where you should?  But, I just want to tell you that you are freaking AWESOME, and you shouldn’t forget it because you’re a miracle on your own, right? Just the fact that you’re alive right now is a miracle.  Just the fact that you were born is a miracle!  I just want you to know...

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I Couldn’t Get My Butt Off The Couch…

How can you get yourself motivated? Watch the vlog, or keep scrolling to read more… How can you get excited to go to the gym?  What can you do to get your butt up off the couch?  When you’re leaving work at 7:00PM, how can you make a turn for the gym instead of just going home?  What do you do when you are tired, or stressed, or whatever, right?  How can you get yourself back on track when you feel like you’re falling off the wagon? I have a couple of things that I used along my journey...

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Healthy Starbucks Drink Order

I’m going to share with you my healthy Starbucks drink order.   Watch the vlog, or scroll down to read more…. What I Used To Order I used to go to Starbucks and order salted caramel mochas, or pumpkin spiced lattes, and all this stuff.   Then, I realized: “Holy crap, there is literally 90 grams of sugar in this stuff. I have to figure something else out because I love going to Starbucks. I love their drinks. I love coffee.” I was appalled when I found out there were 600 calories in the drink that I was ordering and...

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Easy Protein Pancakes

We all love the taste of pancakes in the morning.  We love them so much we wish we could still eat them while we are trying to lose weight.   Your wish is my command.  I made you a pancake recipe that is healthy, that tastes good, and that will help you lose weight! Watch the video recipe, or keep scrolling to read more… Protein Pancake Recipe INGREDIENTS: 1/4 cup or raw oats 1/4 cup fat free Greek yogurt 1/2 scoop of LadyBoss LEAN 1/2 cup egg whites 2 packets of stevia Walden Farm’s Sugar Free/Calorie Free Syrup INSTRUCTIONS:...

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❌❌ I used to stop working out and eating healthy as soon as Thanksgiving would hit ❌❌

But I turned it around!! This is how I did it!

I made a FREE LadyBoss Kickstart Plan just for you, to help you get started on the right track!
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This is the cookie known around the world.
My Grandmas Infamous Snickerdoodle Cookie... the one that CHANGED EVERYTHING.

6 years ago to date, when I was 65 heavier, I was binging all the time, eating everything in sight - taking all of my emotions and problems out on food...

I was at my family Christmas gathering - eating my 6th Snickerdoodle Cookie when all of the sudden ...

My grandma SMACKED my Hand & said

“Now Kaelin!.... do you REALLY THINK YOU NEED THAT COOKIE?!!!”

At first I was really upset, but then I thought “You know what... She’s Right.”

& that was the pattern interrupt I needed to get me out of the Downward Spiral I was in.

I lost the 65, I feel completely different about myself, about life, about my happiness & health.

Without my Grandma’s reality check, who knows where I would be today...

Thank God For Snickerdoodle Cookies.

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