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How To Workout When You Don’t Have Time

I LITERALLY get asked this every single day: “How Much Time Do I Need to Spend at the Gym?” Two hours? My whole life? NO. No, not at all. You  don’t have to spend a lot of time at the gym.Everyday workouts should last ONLY 30 to 40 minutes.  Here are my Three Keys to success at the gym: Key #1 Be there physically and mentally…have a game plan before you get there. Don’t walk into the gym saying, “Maybe I’ll do this, maybe I’ll do that.” Nothing gets done. Focus on your goal: you come first at the...

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I’ve Been Thinking about Cheat Days…

On this GLORIOUS CHEAT DAY… Did you notice how I said “cheat day” 😉 Thanksgiving and Christmas are FULL DAY CHEAT TIME.. C’mon I know I’m hardcore about weight loss and fitness but you still gotta enjoy the holidays! 🙂 Anyways… As I’m buried in home-cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the entire family today, I just couldn’t help but stop and think about how much YOU and the LadyBoss community mean to me… Thanksgiving is all about being “grateful”… but what does that REALLY mean? So I looked it up 🙂 The 2 definitions I found are here: 1. Warmly...

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Guess WHAT!?! Today is THE Day!

TODAY IS THE DAY!… It’s TIME.  It’s finally HERE.   Today is the day that you decide to TAKE ACTION towards your Health…You’ve been letting the days pass by saying: •  “I’ll start soon” •  “I’m really going to start this Monday” •  “I’m going to stop eating all this junk” •  “I’m going to get myself together, I swear”     but here we are… & Weeks…Months… YEARS Have Passed by…   Time that you COULD have been healthy if you would have STARTED when you first told yourself you would. Time waits for no one. And Every day...

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I went to the dentist today… HILARIOUS!

Numbed Up! Omgosh lol Good thing I’m not typing like I’m talking right now…  or itss wou soun like thisssssh lol   I had an appointment at the dentist today for some gum work…   Needless to say, they numbed my entire mouth…   Basically to the point that I can’t even tell if its open or not! As I’m sure you can picture… IT’S HILARIOUS! I almost peed my pants laughing so hard while taking SnapChat Videos of myself…   & I’m sure it will bring some BIG laughs to your day as well! lol (I know you...

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It’s My Birthday! Obese 7 years ago, now I’m fit & healthy…

Self HATE on my Birthday… So tomorrow is my Birthday! ♥   I’ll be 27 years young…     This past year has been unbelievable! So much to be thankful and grateful for…   ♥  I’m so thankful for a fit and healthy life… ♥  I’m thankful for loving myself again… ♥  I’m thankful for self confidence… ♥  I’m thankful for happiness…   Just a couple birthdays ago, all of those things felt like they didn’t exist…   I remember my 20th birthday. That day SHOULD have been filled with happiness. Instead, I had a major breakdown. Like MAJOR…...

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❌❌ I used to stop working out and eating healthy as soon as Thanksgiving would hit ❌❌

But I turned it around!! This is how I did it!

I made a FREE LadyBoss Kickstart Plan just for you, to help you get started on the right track!
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This is the cookie known around the world.
My Grandmas Infamous Snickerdoodle Cookie... the one that CHANGED EVERYTHING.

6 years ago to date, when I was 65 heavier, I was binging all the time, eating everything in sight - taking all of my emotions and problems out on food...

I was at my family Christmas gathering - eating my 6th Snickerdoodle Cookie when all of the sudden ...

My grandma SMACKED my Hand & said

“Now Kaelin!.... do you REALLY THINK YOU NEED THAT COOKIE?!!!”

At first I was really upset, but then I thought “You know what... She’s Right.”

& that was the pattern interrupt I needed to get me out of the Downward Spiral I was in.

I lost the 65, I feel completely different about myself, about life, about my happiness & health.

Without my Grandma’s reality check, who knows where I would be today...

Thank God For Snickerdoodle Cookies.

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