Author: Kaelin Tuell

The BIG 2.0.16.

It’s finally here… SO, WHAT NOW???? And I’m sure you’ve got some fun stuff planned for today… But I want you to take a few minutes… & think about what you ACTUALLY have planned… FOR YOUR LIFE. Don’t be like me… I let years and years go by Where I “kind of” set a resolution… But I never stopped to reflect … or look back on things/habits I really wanted to change… or thought what I really wanted in my life… But ever since I started doing a GOAL SETTING on New Years… It’s absolutely changed my life. (yes,...

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If feels like everyone watches me at the gym–like I’m being stalked

You know when people watch you ?? Like at the gym? & it’s totally weird … & you’re like “why are you staring at me?” Well this is a daily occurrence for me at the gym. Not because I’m anything special & even though I get some weird eyeballs from some men… (until they see my wedding ring). I’m TALKING MOSTLY ABOUT WOMEN!!!!!!! Were you expecting that? These are women who aren’t weight training… The women creepers I’m talking about sit on the sidelines at the gym…. Just WATCHING. On the Ab mats… On the couches… On the stationary...

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Snoop Dog in a Crop Top?

I went with some friends to see Snoop Dog & while I can’t say that it was a great show, I can tell you that I had a great time! (honestly not at as good of a time as me and my dog Kray have cuddling in his giant bean bag… 🙂 BUTTT…. That is one thing that I LOVE to do – hang out with friends & create life experiences! …it wasn’t really the concert that gave me the awesome experience, it was the women I met. I feel like no matter where I go I get the...

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Me & the Sweaty Man in the Sauna

The other day, after working out, I was finishing up in the sauna. There was a man in there that was probably 150 pounds overweight & could hardly breathe and could hardly move for that matter. His body, even though so big seemed so fragile. He moved slow and had a hard time sitting down & standing up. He told me he was about to have gastric bypass… & I immediately saw what my path could have looked like. All of a sudden I had a huge moment of gratitude that I got off my ass and DID SOMETHING...

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