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This is a REAL Entry from My Diary: How did You lose 65 lbs.?

This is a REAL Entry from My Diary… Entry Feb 24, 2015 I feel like this is a question everyone asks me… “How did you lose the 65 lbs?” Sometimes, I hate the question. Sometimes I just want to say “I dunno” because its the easy answer…but I know that that won’t possibly help anyone & I don’t want to be selfish… I want to be able to help every single person that I can. Maybe I hate the question because it makes me think about how bad things used to be. But it brings me back to all...

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it’s not what you think…

When you have that pizza or fast food meal again… YOU ARE GOING TO HATE IT. Hey Beautiful! I know that “eating healthy consistently” is the hardest thing… because I went through this whole process myself – having to turn my back on the pizza and McDonalds that I was having at every meal was HARD! BUT let me tell you the TRUTH. When you stop eating that crap and start consistently eating things that are healthy for you, that actually serve your body PURPOSE… When you have that pizza or fast food meal again… YOU ARE GOING TO...

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It just isn’t fair…

Look, I know it’s hard. Being overweight is hard… Losing weight is hard… And it sometimes feels like it’s just not fair. I GET IT! I was there. 65 lbs overweight. I was so FED UP. I was sick of feeling disgusted at myself… I was sick of having zero confidence… I was sick of the way people looked at me… Look I’m gonna be frank here…. I know you were interested in my program at some point for some reason…. Do you want to fit in old clothes again? Do you want to have more confidence? Are you...

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why everyone is always talking about CARBS!

I get a lot of questions about how many carbs should be eaten in a day and if ketosis is a good idea. If you don’t know what ketosis means, it’s simply restricting your carbs to lose fat… I did this for a really long time. I would survive on no carbs at all… You do see results from that.. You can get pretty quick results from not eating carbs… But, let me tell you what happens after… After losing some weight like that, your body begins to shut down,because your brain uses carbs to think… I think you...

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Get behind the scenes with me…

Behind-The-Scenes and Winning BIG! … I pride myself on being 100% REAL with you because anything else is just unacceptable…. So I wanna give you guys a more BEHIND THE SCENES, UNCUT, UNEDITED look at my lifestyle… People always ask me: “how are you so motived?” “How do you stay consistent?” “what do you eat?” “What workouts do you do?” “How much cardio do you do?” And I want to SHOW you, not just tell you, the answers to these things!!! And it just so happens, EVERYDAY on SNAPCHAT this is exactly what I do!!! Right now 22,000 people...

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❌❌ I used to stop working out and eating healthy as soon as Thanksgiving would hit ❌❌

But I turned it around!! This is how I did it!

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This is the cookie known around the world.
My Grandmas Infamous Snickerdoodle Cookie... the one that CHANGED EVERYTHING.

6 years ago to date, when I was 65 heavier, I was binging all the time, eating everything in sight - taking all of my emotions and problems out on food...

I was at my family Christmas gathering - eating my 6th Snickerdoodle Cookie when all of the sudden ...

My grandma SMACKED my Hand & said

“Now Kaelin!.... do you REALLY THINK YOU NEED THAT COOKIE?!!!”

At first I was really upset, but then I thought “You know what... She’s Right.”

& that was the pattern interrupt I needed to get me out of the Downward Spiral I was in.

I lost the 65, I feel completely different about myself, about life, about my happiness & health.

Without my Grandma’s reality check, who knows where I would be today...

Thank God For Snickerdoodle Cookies.

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