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Funny story; my husband actually got me with sugar cookies 😂😂

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Soooo, last night 99 of my social media influencer friends & I set a WORLD RECORD...

for the biggest game of Bubble Soccer ever played!... 😂😂 Probably the funniest night of my life

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Honored beyond belief to be asked to step on stage in room with such World Changing people to tell how LadyBoss has impacted the lives of women all over the world... & that we’re just getting started 😘

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Killed me some arms this AM at the hotel...
Only DBs but made it happen!
💪🏼DB Shoulder press
💪🏼DB lateral raise
💪🏼DB Front Raises
💪🏼DB ALT Curls
💪🏼DB Hammer Curls
💪🏼DB T Curls
As many as I could for as long as I could!

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