“Does it matter

if you do your cardio

or strength training first?

I would recommend doing weight training first

and do the cardio after.

You don’t want to use up all of our energy on cardio first. By the time you get to your strength training workout, you are tired…very, very tired. That is when mistakes happen that could lead to injuries. So, let’s make sure that we play it safe and avoid any injuries.

Be smart, do the weights first.

That’s when you have the energy to really work those weights and get the best strength training workout. Then, follow through with a cardio workout. That gets your heart rate up when you are done with the weights.

So ladies, no injuries. Be safe and successful. Just follow my suggestions, and you will see results. Once you understand and follow the LadyBoss Lifestyle, you can get healthy and fit. I lost 65 pounds! If I can do this, so can you. Believe in yourself.

With LOVE always,

Kaelin Tuell Poulin