I bribed myself, so I could make myself do it.

When I did a “reset” of my goals a couple weeks ago

One of my goals was to get back to doing cardio

& yes, I know most of you are sighing with the same lack of enthusiasm as I was about doing it…

But the facts are; that it makes me FEEL awesome when I do it in the morning

& I know that its helping me get closer to my goals

So instead of dreading it, I asked:

“How can I bribe Myself to Do it?!”

Then I listed a few things that I ENJOY doing that could be done during cardio:

– Watching a TV show, Movie, or Netflix (for me, this is The Office lol)

– Reading a Book

– Scrolling Social Media

Then I took those 3 things and made a commitment that I wasn’t allowed to do them UNLESS it was during my cardio!


I’m allowed to do them whenever I want AFTER I get my cardio done, but I’m not allowed to do them until I have completed my cardio!

So it makes it super easy after work to think;

“I would love to go sit down on my couch and watch a couple

episodes of Top Gear … oh, but if I want to watch them I have to go to

the gym, do my cardio, and I can watch an episode then…”

Because its not exactly the cardio that I don’t want to do…

Its just that I would RATHER watch the show MORE…

So why not tie the two together?


I started using this tactic about 5 years ago when I was just starting out trying to lose weight…

It was the only way I could get myself to the gym at ALL…

& then I would just connect to the gym’s wifi on my phone and watch The Biggest Loser!

What can you connect to your cardio?

But I know what you’re thinking now…

“But Kaelin, I don’t know what to DO for cardio or how to do it or how

fast/slow or what percent of incline… I don’t know where to start!”

You don’t have to worry about WHAT to do or how to do it…

I remember having that same exact moment and freaking out…

So I already covered all of the bases for you!

A ton of cardio plans that break down what to do minute by minute,

and even matching tutorial videos that show you how to work the equipment!

I’ve got your back Lady 😉

Don’t let your fear hold you back any longer,

The first step is to TRUST ME –

The second Step is to GET MOVING!

Everyone keeps telling me I need to up the price to become A

LadyBoss Lifer because there is SO MUCH VALUE! So honestly I

don’t know how much longer I will have it at this price…

So if you haven’t upgraded yet, DO IT!!!! 😉

Become A LadyBoss Lifer Before It’s Too Late!

…Remember, always be spreading sparkle…