I get tons of messages every week asking me:

  1.       How much water do I need to be drinking?
  2.       How do I get myself to drink enough water?

I believe a gallon per day is a great place to start in order to make sure your body stays healthy and hydrated.  Most of us do not know this, but most of our problems with digestion, energy, and focus comes from the fact that our body is actually dehydrated.  Also, we are constantly filled with toxins that our body needs to flush out with water.

I know drinking a lot of water can be hard…

In the beginning, whenever I would try to get myself to drinking more water, I would struggle.  I was used to drinking coffee, energy drinks and Coca Cola all day.  That’s it.  I could not even imagine myself drinking water at that time.  I did not like the taste of it and how plan it was.  

When I decided to change my lifestyle and start drinking water, I would always carry water bottles with me –the ones with small twist caps that you buy at a canteen.  But, I could never stay consistent and drink enough water because I was tired of twisting the cap on and off all the time.

Then, I started buying cooler bottles, with straws.  But, they were only holding 8 or 10 ounces of water.  So, once I was done drinking it, I would get back to my old habits of drinking coke because I didn’t want to refill those small bottles all day long.  

Now, I have a top secret, but super easy Jedi trick to make sure I drink enough water every day…

My Super Secret Ninja Tactic to drinking enough water is having a half gallon jug with a Straw!  It makes it so easy and convenient to just sip on water all day.  It is so easy in fact that half of the time, I get to the bottom of the jug without even remembering I drank it all that day.  It becomes mindless and so simple.  Instead of refilling your bottle 10x per day, you will only have to refill it once.  What I do personally is keep one at the office and one at home, so I don’t have to worry about transporting it.

This has changed my life! Don’t make it hard for yourself.  Being healthy can be extremely simple.  You just have to find ways to make it simple.  This will change your water and hydration game, I guarantee it.

Lucky for you, I took it upon myself to make you your very own LadyBoss Half Gallon Jug with a built in Straw!

Click the link below now to get yours before they SELL OUT!


Cheers! With a big jug of water of course 😉

With Love, Always,

Kaelin Tuell Poulin