You know those days when you just find yourself standing in your pantry…

Looking for food…

& you have no idea what you’re looking for or WHY you’re in the pantry?

I was definitely having one of those days…

I’ve been working from home this morning,

(As I do a lot because I like to change up the environment that I work in)

I was deep into a creating process for a new “something” that I can’t mention now…

But I kept finding myself in the pantry… lol

Its like I would black out –

& wake up standing there staring at food…

Then I would go back to my computer and the next think you know I was back in the pantry! Lol

I’m not even sure what I was craving or what I was looking for …

But its crazy what you can learn about yourself and your body if you watch its patterns.

This obviously isn’t a pattern I want to keep

So I came back to my desk & acknowledged the pattern that I would like to change

(Mindlessly going to the pantry)

& decided to find a solution…

It wasn’t food that I wanted because I had just eaten…

So it must have been that my body just wanted to get up and move from my desk!

So I did some pushups and jumping jacks to get my blood pumping again

& then went back to my computer…


It changed the quality of my focus and gave me new energy for what I was trying to accomplish!

Whenever you do things like open the fridge a million times,

Go lay in bed in the middle of the day,

Stare longingly into the pantry …

This means your body is wanting something from you!

It’s important to take those moments to discover what it is…

Most of the time our bodies want to move, to be active, to get its blood pumping!

But are you giving your body what its asking for or just “whatever”?

I challenge you right now to ask yourself

“What does my body actually need from me right now?”

& whatever your instinct tells you – GO DO IT!

Is it some fresh air?

Is it a quick walk?

Is it some jumping jacks?

Is it water?

Make a Move right now to give your body what it needs!

Become A LadyBoss Now!

…Remember, always be spreading sparkle…