1)   How Many Calories Do You Eat in A Day?

I don’t know how many calories I eat in a day!  The secret is: I don’t count them.  I just pay attention to the sources of all my calories.  I don’t count macros either.

2)   Do You Have a Cheat Meal or A Cheat Day?

I do not have a cheat day. I have a cheat meal once per week that combines an entree and a desert. My go to cheat meal is Cold Stone Cakebatter ice cream “gotta have it” size with double cookie dough and double reese cup. MMMMMM 😀 Yes, dessert first, THEN I love me some double stuffed 5 meat Papa Murphy’s take and bake pizza, so I can cook it on my own and keep the crust soft and doughy! Just remember, you ONLY cheat if you have been sticking to your plan!

3)   What Is the Best Time to Exercise?

The best time to exercise is whenever you can be consistent.  If you tell yourself that you’re going to get up at 5 am every morning to workout, that is fine.  If you can’t be consistent with that idea however, you should pick another time.  Find the time for you that is consistent every day.  It doesn’t matter what time you workout, as long as you are getting your workout in!

4)   Are Fruits and Veggies Unlimited?

Veggies are unlimited, but fruits are not.  Fruits still have high amounts of sugar.  Even if that sugar comes from a fruit, and not a dessert, your body does not know the difference.  Your body still has to process fruit sugar the same as regular sugar.  So, you can eat unlimited veggies, but not unlimited fruits.  Fruits are still important as they contain anti-oxidants and vitamins that you need.  But, they shouldn’t be something you eat unlimited amounts of.

5)   Do You Take Rest Days from The Gym?

Honestly, I don’t take rest days from the gym.  If I do, I still do cardio at home.  Here’s why—If I go a day without working out, I get anxious and I don’t feel good.  The feeling I get from working out is a hundred times better than the feeling I get from taking a rest day…

Working out also gets me started for my day; it helps me get going; it gets my endorphins pumping.  It makes me feel good.  I don’t workout because I have to anymore—I do it because it makes me feel good. Start with 3 days a week and then go up from there. Listen to your body!

6)   How to Keep from Getting Sore When You First Start Working Out?

Try drinking BCAA’s before and during your workout, then drink glutamine after your workout.  This should really help with your soreness.  Also, have an Epson salt bath after your workout if you can. This will help your muscle relax and won’t get as sore.

7)   Do You Ever Have Rough Days?

I have rough days all of the time. I don’t run on motivation. I run on habits.  Motivation wears off—You have it one day, and you don’t have it the next.  When you run on habits, your healthy eating and your workouts will happen naturally, even if you’re having a rough day or if you don’t feel motivated.  I’ve worked so hard on being consistent, that now it will happen naturally without resistance or resentment.

8)   During Your Week, Do You Ever Have Small Bites of Junk Food Here and There, or Do You Stay Strong and Wait for Your Cheat Meal?

I stay strong and wait for my cheat meal.  First, those little bites here and there can add up quickly.  Second, every time you have a bite of some other food, you are compromising on your plan.  When you start compromising, you will never stop compromising.  You have to get stronger than food and not let food control you.

9)   Have You Ever Used Cardio Machines That Are Less Expensive Than the One You Are Using Now?

Yes!  Before I had the cardio machine I have now, I owned a few cardio machines that I bought on Craig’s list.  I bought $200 treadmill and Elliptical machine.  So, go ahead and buy a machine that is cheaper if you need to.  It is still effective!

10)  Do You Have Any Water Flavor Suggestions?  I Find Plain Water So Boring.

Yes. When I first started losing weight, I had a hard time drinking water, because I was used to drinking like 10 cokes per day!

I started to drink water because I knew it was good for me, but I couldn’t stand it.  I hated the fact that it didn’t taste like anything.  I was finding it very annoying.  So, I started using Mio drops or Crystal Light.  I love the orange Crystal Light flavor especially.  I started to do that so it would make me consume the water.

Now, I drink like 1.5 gallon of water per day, unflavored.  But, I started with flavor to get me into the habit of it.  Honestly though, once you start noticing all the benefits, you will be happy to drink your unflavored water.  Water made my skin complexion better; it made my energy level increase; and I started losing weight faster.   

11)  Do You Spot Reduce?

No, you can’t spot reduce.  We all lose weight differently.  Personally, I start to lose weight in my face, shoulders and arms first; then I will start losing more weight around the stomach; then I’ll start losing weight around my hips; and finally, my legs.

For other women, they can start losing weight in their butt first; then they lose weight in their legs; then they lose weight in their arms.

But the bottom line is… you can’t spot reduce.  Changing your diet, and lowering your bodyfat percentage is what is going to help you lose that fat.  There is no exercise you can do to help you lose butt fat vs. thigh fat vs. belly fat.   You must lose your overall body fat percentage.  That is why it’s important to workout and lift weights—you want to tone up, not get skinny fat!

12)  What Is Your Favorite Recipe If You Want to Eat Chicken?

My favorite recipe with chicken would be to cut open a breast; to put a string of cheese in the middle; to close it with toothpicks and then bake it.  Once the chicken is done I put marinara sauce on top.  It is so good!

13)  At What Point in Your Weight Loss Journey Were You Steady With Your Lifestyle?

Literally, the whole time I was trying to lose weight, I was jumping from one program to another.  I tried every fad, every plan, every pill, until I got sick of it.  I decided the only way it would work is if I changed my lifestyle.

You can’t have a weight loss goal if you want to lose weight and keep it off.  Your only goal should be getting healthy and change your lifestyle.  Setting a weight loss goal is only going to make you feel like a failure, every time you step on that scale and the number stays the same or goes higher!

I decided I was going to change my lifestyle to something I would enjoy; that would make me feel better; and be able to keep doing –forever!  A lifestyle that would give me the results I wanted.  I decided to throw all of the fab plans out the window and be consistent with my new lifestyle every day.  I started showing up at the gym every day, do my 30-minutes of cardio workout and then get out.  At first, I hated the gym because I didn’t know what I was doing in there.  I would put a big hoodie on so no one would see me, hop on a cardio machine and do my thing.  But I was there everyday.  

Then I started thinking about the types of food I knew where healthy, like: chicken, turkey, salads, green beans, broccoli, etc.  I started eating that.  I started with what I knew.  I also started to cut back on junk food, eating a cheat meal 3x/week instead of everyday, and then once a week.  I started with baby steps.

Whenever I would think about the whole 65lbs I had to lose, I felt overwhelmed.  So, I decided to focus on the present day: Make sure I was eating healthy that day; make sure I was working out that day; make sure I was sleeping good that day.  Then, days turned into weeks; the weeks turned into months; and now here I am.

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