I’m sure you hear people talk about Fasted Cardio, whether or not it’s more beneficial than normal cardio …

I 100% Believe it is, at least for ME.

(Everyone’s bodies are different, & certain things work amazing for some and others bodies not necessarily respond the same)

Fasted Cardio is cardio before your first meal, (hence – Fasted) in order to increase Lipolysis which is just a fancy way of saying that your body will break down fat cells for energy.

Blood flow is increased in the abdominal areas when you are in a Fasted state, thus helping you burn “stubborn fat”.

Fasted Cardio should be limited to about 30 minutes, to protect from losing muscle. I see the best results when I do High Intensity style Fasted Cardio like:

•Outdoor 30 sec sprint 1 min walk

•Elliptical 30 sec high resistance 1 min low

•Treadmill 1 min incline sprint 2 min walk 

•Bike 1 min heavy climb 2 min easy ride

If you’ve never done Fasted Cardio, you’re new to exercise, etc – I would recommend starting with 10 minutes your first day and then working your way up in 5 min increments each day:

Day 1 – 10 min

Day 2 – 15 min

Day 3 – 20 min

Day 4 – 25 min

Day 5 – 30 min 

Always be prepared with a meal such as oatmeal, protein shake, Ezekiel toast – in case you feel light headed.

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS drink a ton of water!

I drink BCAAS during my Fasted Cardio.

Fasted Cardio is my go-to when I’m looking to lean down. Also, I believe that Fasted Cardio gives results in more focus and higher energy throughout the day.

Hope this helps answer some of your questions!

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