I get a lot of questions everyday about what it takes to lose weight.  Some questions are about food, some are about exercising, while others are about habits and lifestyle.    The truth is, there are literally millions of great tips that I could give you.   But, because I respect your time, I came up with 3 quick tips that have made the most significant difference in my journey to losing 65lbs.

What I like about these 3 tips, is that they were all life lessons that I’ve learned on my own, just by paying attention to my likes and dislikes, as well as loving myself.

#1: You don’t have to give up the foods you love!

On my own journey to losing 65 pounds, I was always told I would have to give up all of my favorite foods.  But the truth is, you CAN have them—you just can’t have them every day anymore.  To make this work, I allocate one meal a week where I have my favorite entree and dessert.  For me, that is Pizza and Ice Cream!

Having one meal that is high in calories, fat and sugar once a week actually helps your body ramp up its metabolism.  How?—When you eat healthy foods all week, your body adapts by naturally slowing down its metabolism.  By eating this “cheat meal”, you trick your body into thinking this is how you’ll be eating for the next few days, so it actually kicks your metabolism into high gear “preparing it-self”, when in fact you’ll be right back to eating healthy on your next meal.  This alternation between high and low metabolism every week decreases your chance of plateauing.

Also, let’s be real, this meal helps you keep your sanity! Eating healthy all week sounds more realistic when you know you’ll have the chance to splurge at least once.

#2: Stop trying to “Fit” exercise into your day.

The reason I could never find the time to exercise was because I was trying to “fit it” into my day.   The problem is that everything else in my day always sounded way better than working out, like watching Jeopardy or scrolling Pinterest. So, of course, I could never find time for it!

I decided the only way this would work is if I combined the time I was spending on fun things, like TV or reading, with cardio.  I told myself I was not allowed to watch my favorite shows, read my book, or scroll any kind of social media without being on a piece of cardio equipment. So, instead of sitting on my butt while watching The Office, I was on the treadmill.  I still use this trick regularly.  It combines the best of both worlds: viewing my shows and actually burning calories at the same time!   

#3: No one is “judging” you.

I have been on both sides of the fence: overweight at the gym, and extremely fit at the gym.  Over the years, I’ve noticed something really funny.  Literally NO ONE is actually judging you.

How do I know you ask?  Because, instead of judging YOU, they think you’re judging THEM.  So, the regulars and more muscular gym goers think the others are judging them for being “too fit” or “masculine”, while the newbies think the others are judging them for not being fit.  It’s a giant circle of non-existent judgment.  So, my advice to you, is don’t waste your time worrying about the others because they are likely just as insecure as you.  Just take your scoop of preworkout, put your headphones on, and get right to it.  Always remember that you’re there for YOU & no one else.

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Do you have a favorite weight loss tip that you learned from experience or that comes from your heart?  We would love to hear it.  Share it in a comment below!

With LOVE, Always.

Kaelin Tuell Poulin.