I’m going to show you what kind of healthy snacks I put in my bag whenever I plan to spend the day on the lake, or any time I plan to spend a good part of the day outside the house.

As you guys know, cravings suck.  

Especially when you’re out with friends and everyone’s eating all kinds of snacks and chips and different things around you.  It’s easy to just cave and eat what everyone else is eating, right?

If I don’t pack my own stuff, I know I will fall into that trap.  Willpower is not always enough. Sometimes you have to plan ahead and come prepared.

So I’m going to show you some of my favorite healthy snacks to pack.  


Cut fresh raw veggies into strips.  I like to cut strings of peppers (Red, Yellow, Orange and Green Peppers), but you can cut strips of regular carrots, cucumber strips, zucchini, mushrooms, celery, and so on.  

Bring a lot of those in a bag, so you have no excuses, and you can share if the others want some.

2) Dips

Pack salsa dip, guacamole, or hummus.  A lot of it.

I like to make my own guacamole dip, because it is so easy.  I literally just mash pieces of avocados with a fork, and add Salt, Pepper and Garlic powder.  That’s all you need. You can enjoy these dips with the veggie strips you just cut.

3) Meat

You can pack lean deli meats, like turkey or Beef Jerky.  What I do, is I wrap turkey slices around pickle sticks. Then I dip it into mustard.  It is so good!

4) Fruits

I pack a lot of fruits, like strawberries, and blueberries, because they are easy to pack, they don’t take a lot of room, and they are not messy to eat.

5) Dry Goods

I pack healthy snacks that are crunchy, like Veggie Straws, Nut Thins, Harvest Snaps, Quest Protein Chips, Rice Cakes, and Wasabi Almonds!

6) Water

I make sure to pack a huge jug of water, like 3 gallons.  

If you want to drink something a bit more fun and fancy, without having to feel guilty, you can bring sparkling flavoured Water.  I really like La Croix, because it’s like you’re having water, but it’s sparkly and it’s got a little hint of flavor. But, my favorite is Bai drinks.  This is sparkling water too, but it actually has fruit juice in it. They only have one gram of sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and it actually tastes more like a sparkling juice drink than sparkling water if that makes sense.

This is pretty much my picnic basket.  Everything’s super easy to make and put together.  I literally just throw everything in little bags, or plastic containers.  

I hope this helped you find some different variations of healthy snacks that you can make at home.  Bring a bunch of stuff with you, no matter where you’re going. If you’re going to a friend’s house, pool party, whatever it is, over-pack healthy snacks, because you won’t have any excuses to go off the edge.

You just have to find healthy alternatives for what sounds good.

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Until next time,