Author: Kaelin Tuell

5 ways to REBOOT your WORKOUTS

If you want the most out of your workouts, you need to reboot them every now and then. Refresh your goals Re-write your goals every week or every month, so they grow as you grow.  Your goals should be attainable and motivating. Schedule workouts in calendar If you wait until you have time to workout, you will never workout!  You need to schedule time to workout in your schedule. Use a weekly agenda, or a monthly calendar to pencil in your workout slots.  No excuses! Track goals using reward system Working out is not easy.  You should have a...

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6 Healthy Must-Pack Snacks

I’m going to show you what kind of healthy snacks I put in my bag whenever I plan to spend the day on the lake, or any time I plan to spend a good part of the day outside the house. As you guys know, cravings suck.   Especially when you’re out with friends and everyone’s eating all kinds of snacks and chips and different things around you.  It’s easy to just cave and eat what everyone else is eating, right? If I don’t pack my own stuff, I know I will fall into that trap.  Willpower is not...

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Need to Sleep? 5 Ways to Help You Get Quality Rest.

We all try to function on no sleep, but it always comes back to bite us in the booty, right?  I struggled to fall asleep and stay asleep for many years, before I discovered these 5 steps: Same bedtime every night Getting to bed at the same time every night will help you establish a sleep routine.  With time, this helps your body feel tired, an hour or two before your regular bedtime.   Unplug When we watch TV, or use our smartphones before bed, it keeps our brain alert, so it is harder to fall asleep.  Try avoiding...

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Get Ready To Lose The Weight AND Keep It Off

I want to show you my Lose The Weight And Keep It Off Routine. I have so many messages from ladies asking about what supplements they should be taking, so I’m going to show you my daily routine.  A step by step explanation of exactly how I do it. I have 5 favorite supplements. One of the reason I love these 5 supplements, is because they are all scientifically formulated for women and they are backed with a ton of all-natural ingredients.   The second reason is because they actually work. I personally use all of them every single...

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Perfect Squat. 7 Steps To Get It Right Everytime.

Squats are gaining popularity, but are they worth the hype? Yes.  Yes, they are. They can not only help you get a more firm booty, but they can also help you lose weight, as they tackle the entire lower half of your body.  If you wonder how to do squats the right way, you’ve come to the right place.  These 7 steps will take care of you. Feet wider than your shoulder Make sure your feet are wider than your shoulders, so your body is grounded and properly supported. Booty Sticking out Stick out your bum, as if you...

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