Author: Kaelin Tuell

Snoop Dog in a Crop Top?

I went with some friends to see Snoop Dog & while I can’t say that it was a great show, I can tell you that I had a great time! (honestly not at as good of a time as me and my dog Kray have cuddling in his giant bean bag… 🙂 BUTTT…. That is one thing that I LOVE to do – hang out with friends & create life experiences! …it wasn’t really the concert that gave me the awesome experience, it was the women I met. I feel like no matter where I go I get the...

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Me & the Sweaty Man in the Sauna

The other day, after working out, I was finishing up in the sauna. There was a man in there that was probably 150 pounds overweight & could hardly breathe and could hardly move for that matter. His body, even though so big seemed so fragile. He moved slow and had a hard time sitting down & standing up. He told me he was about to have gastric bypass… & I immediately saw what my path could have looked like. All of a sudden I had a huge moment of gratitude that I got off my ass and DID SOMETHING...

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