Diet & Crisis:

How to take back control of your Life

When an overwhelming life crisis occurs like the death of a loved one, an unexpected job loss or devastating health problems, go easy on yourself. You need time to grieve and accept what happened to you.

Give yourself a short break but with a firm deadline. When grief grips your soul, you can’t think straight, and it feels like you’re stuck in a vat of molasses…

Well, one of three things could happen:

1. Either you’ll be unable look at, eat, or smell food.

Everything tastes like sawdust.

You’ve lost your appetite and literally cannot eat food.

The smell of food makes you feel physically ill.

2. You will binge-eat everything in sight.

You eat and eat and eat, but never feel full.

Food tastes bland but you’re searching for something that tastes good to make you feel better or feel anything.

Mindless munching.

You meant to have a couple of chips but ate the whole bag.

You had one serving of ice cream but went back for two more because you stopped caring about what you’re eating.

You don’t want to cook and grab anything out of the fridge that’s convenient.

3. Nothing changes in your diet.

You do not gain or lose weight.

But other things in your life could spiral out of control like your spending, drinking, insomnia, exhaustion or sleepiness.

Yes, these are very extreme reactions but they do happen. Be prepared. You never know how tragedy will affect you. If you feel things are out of control, talk to someone! You don’t have to do this alone. The community of Lady Bosses are there waiting for you when you need us.

You can control your LadyBoss journey in the face of insurmountable odds. Read the blog! You are not alone with LadyBoss. Many other women have survived catastrophes and gone on to reach their weight loss goals.

Take a few days off from the LadyBoss Lifestyle. Your only goal is to maintain your weight. Every week add one thing to your life to help move you forward. It can be something small. Forgive yourself for not making progress when tragedy strikes. There will be better days ahead.

Remember: life happens when you are making other plans.

Please don’t stay in limbo for weeks and weeks. It could turn into months and months that can stretch into years. Tomorrow is another day to keep that promise to yourself. Your goal is to maintain your weight and give yourself a firm deadline to get back on target. LadyBoss will be there when you are ready for us.


With LOVE always,
Kaelin Tuell