I’m so tired of falling off the wagon.  I used to fall off the wagon every week.  I had a serious food problem.  I was 65 lbs overweight and extremely unhappy…Sounds familiar?

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I Just Felt Like I Could Never Win.  

Even when I knew what to do, I wouldn’t do it.  Even if I knew I needed to eat healthy, I couldn’t get myself to do it, and be consistent with it.  I couldn’t even do it for a week, without falling off and ordering-in Little Caesar’s pizza…instead of having the healthy meal I was supposed to have, Right?  One day, I was like: “you know what?  I need an accountability partner!

3 accountability partners in, I realized that is not exactly what I needed.  I was like: “I don’t really know what I’m doing.  She doesn’t really know what she’s doing.”  I needed help with diet stuff, I needed help with knowing what food I should eat vs. not eat.  I wanted help with knowing what I needed to change.  I had 2 knee surgeries, so I needed help with knowing what exercise to do, and not to do.

My accountability partners couldn’t do that for me.  It was like we were in quicksand.  She was trying to lose 40 lbs, and I was trying to lose 65 lbs.  We were trying to help each other out, but it wasn’t really working.

Then it dawned on me.  I had this idea: “I need to work with an expert. I need to work with someone  who knows what they’re doing.”  Not like a trainer, because I could only afford to see them like once/week or twice/week.  I needed someone I could talk to everyday, that could help me along and keep me from falling off the wagon.  Someone I could be consistent with, and someone I could check in with, to hold me accountable.

More than an accountability partner, I needed someone who could tell me like: “Hey you’re plateauing in this area, here’s what you need to change in your diet to move forward.”  So, I started working with a coach, and I swear, for the first week ever in my entire life, I didn’t fall off the wagon!

The First Thing You Need To Know Is …

Find the right person, someone who:

  • Is available to talk to you on a daily basis, to answer and address your crisis situations.
  • A female, that went through a weight loss transformation.  People who never had to lose weight can only sympathize with you. They can’t empathize with you.  They don’t understand the emotional side of it, and what you’re going through.
  • Is double certified in everything (A.k.A. an expert).
  • Holds you accountable, by asking to review your “homework” every week. 

What really helped me is having to check in with my coach every single week.  I had to send everything that I had eaten that week, and all of the workouts that I had done (or didn’t do).  And because I didn’t want to send a sheet that was falling short of my goals, I actually stuck with it.  When you are working with a coach, you actually want to hold your end of the deal, because you know they’re holding their end of the deal.  Right?

When I finally switched from having a friend as an accountability partner – or a trainer – to an actual coach, everything changed for me.  You need to find an expert that will help you tweak things, and change things.  It’s crazy what it will do for you, and how it will change your life.

Again, this is for you if you are someone who knows what to do, but struggle with doing it, or struggle with staying consistent with it.  If this is you, you need an expert.  

If you don’t want to go through the whole process of finding someone yourself and going through that checklist, you can apply for our coaching program.  Our LadyBoss Personal Result Coaching program is filled with women who fit the criteria s perfectly.

You can submit an application – It’s free to apply.  Some people just want to see if it’s a good fit for them. Click HERE to check it out!

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