We’re all busy, right?

How many of you believe you are too busy to eat healthy?  …(I used to think that too).    

Maybe you have kids, and you’re trying to pick them up from soccer practice or from school.  Maybe you have 2-3 jobs. Whatever the reason, you know what I’m talking about.

I might not have kids, but I’m working full time for this company here.  This company is my life. It keeps me really, really busy.

Just the other night, I was backstage at an event.  I was just done speaking on stage. There was 3,000 people there and a lot of them knew me, so I was constantly talking to someone.  

I’m so busy. Literally, from 6:00 in the morning to midnight every single night, like going, going, going.

So, even I don’t have time to stop and have meals.

That night, I was just sitting in the backstage room thinking: “Oh my gosh. I’m so hungry”  

Did I starve myself until I got back to the hotel?  — NO. Did I wait for the event to be over so I could run to the next drive-true? — NO.  Did I gave in the all the snacks the event had to offer under my nose? — Nope.

I took out my shaker.

That’s right.  All you need is this Triple Action Shaker

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All I have to do is:

  1. Fill my shaker with water.  
  2. I untwist the bottom chamber where I stored some LadyBoss LEAN earlier that morning.
  3. I pour the LadyBoss LEAN inside my water filled shaker
  4. shake it.  


That’s it.  I have an instant healthy meal in seconds!

How many ladies struggle trying to eat healthy on the go, right?  So many women are running through the drive-true because they need convenience. I know, because I was one of them.  

Lady Boss Lean is your answer.

So, why this LadyBoss LEAN is so awesome is because it is actually a full meal replacement, so all of your nutrition that you need is in the shake.

Whenever I get hungry, I can have a meal and you can too.  It’s super fast and it taste like vanilla cake.

There were all kinds of treats and snacks at that event the other night, but I didn’t gave in.  I knew I had a snack with me that tasted just as good, but was so much healthier. I want you to know, you CAN stay on track.  You just need the right tools, and the right supplements to help you.

LadyBoss LEAN is also the first all-natural meal replacement specifically made for women.


I’m talking to you ladies who are super busy.  Whether you’re traveling, or just running around all day, you don’t have to starve yourself, and you don’t have to binge on junk food just because it is convenient.  There is another way.

This is going to help you solve your problems and curbs your cravings, which is my favorite part about it.  When I drink this super yummy shake, I don’t even feel like eating treats and snacks.

If you feel like you’ll forget to store a portion into a shake, you can buy the big bag of it and just section it out into portions into zip lock baggies.  Then you store a few in your purse so they are with you all the time. That is what I normally do. Keep it in your purse. Take it with you and you never have to worry about like starving or falling into eating candy bars or drive through because you can keep this with you and it taste freaking amazing.

Most of us ladies struggle with being busy all the time, right?  We don’t always have time to fix food. 


All you have to do is get LadyBoss LEAN full nutritional meal shake. Scientifically formulated for women. No artificial sweeteners. Nothing crazy in it.  It’s going to work with your body instead of against it, which is what I love about it the most.

Click HERE to get your LadyBoss LEAN it is seriously a life saver and it taste amazing.

You can even mix this shake with other cool ingredients to make a variety of exciting flavors.  Check out our FREE LEAN Recipe Book!


All you busy ladies will love this.  I swear it is what you need in your life, okay?

Trust me.

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With LOVE, always