I get this question a lot.  Literally, a million messages, a ton of Snapchat messages, Instagram, Facebook, and emails. All of you guys are asking me, “How do I burn fat from my stomach?”  It’s really interesting now, after burning the fat myself, how I used to ask this same question.  I was just like, “Oh my gosh, I just want the fat on my stomach gone.

Then I found out how…

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We Do Not Have A Magic Wand

I found out through my journey to losing 65 pounds, that you cannot spot reduce.

We do not get to wave a magic wand, or an edit tool, and say: I want my double chin to go away first,” (which is what I wanted).  We do not get to wave a magic wand and say: “I want my love handles to go away. Or my belly to go away. Or my underarm fat to go away.” We don’t get to do that.  You can’t spot reduce.

Your body is different than my body, which is different from everyone else’s body.  The truth is that we all lose weight differently.  For some of us, we lose weight in our stomach first.  For me, I burn fat from my face first, then my shoulders, then my stomach, then my legs, and finally my butt is the last to go.  I’m just being honest with you.  For other women, you’ll see their legs start slimming up first; or their stomach starts slimming up first, and the last to go is their arms and their face.  

We Are Meant To Carry Babies

What’s interesting, is our nature as women.  Our bodies are built for childbirth. The reason why we carry so much more fat around our stomach, our saddlebags, our love handles, and our backs, is because our bodies are always trying to prime for childbirth!

Just knowing that hopefully helps you.  Saying to yourself: “Oh my gosh, yeah. My body is different. I’m going to lose it differently than everyone else.” is probably going to make you feel a bit better.  Think about it, even though Susie lost all of her belly fat first, that might not be the way that it works for you or me.

What you can do about it though is just improve your nutrition and exercise.  Your body is going to burn fat how it wants to, and eventually, if you stick to it you WILL burn fat from the belly.  We don’t get to pick, unfortunately.  I wish we could.  But, just know that with persistence and consistency, nutrition, and exercise, it will be gone before you know it.  Just stay consistent.  Stay patient, and trust the process.

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