This is a question I got from you guys and that is worth taking the time to answer.  You want to make sure you do your cardio after your workout.  This means doing your treadmill workout, your elliptical workout, your stationary bike workout, your run or whatever it is you are doing for cardio AFTER you have done your weight training workout.

I’m not saying doing cardio before your weight training workout is bad.  I am saying doing your cardio workout after your weight training workout will lead to better results!

Here are the reasons why:

1)   You DON’T want to do cardio first and then be tired for weight training…that is how injuries occur.

Weight training workouts require the proper posture and the proper fluidity during your movements.  Otherwise you risk moving the wrong way and straining a muscle or tendon.

2)   You DON’T want to do cardio first and then be tired for your weight training because you won’t progress as much.

Progress during weight training workouts means being ready to add weight; it means your muscles are recovering faster; and it means your muscles are getting stronger—more effective.  If you do your cardio workout first, you will be tired during your weight training and therefore progress slower.  When you progress slower, you risk hitting a plateau.

Basically, you don’t want to waste all of your energy into your cardio workout.  You want to prioritize your energy so that most of it goes towards your weight training workout.

3)   When you do cardio first, you’re burning off the food that you just ate. As opposed to burning stored fat.

When you do cardio first, you are burning off the food that you ate that day, which is not bad if you want to be healthy and maintain your current weight.  If you want to lose weight and keep it off however, you want access to your stored fat.  How do you do that? –Weight training first!

When you weight train first, your body actually deplete itself of glycogen.  This basically means that it tears down the wall that usually prevents you from burning stored fat.  So, in other words, doing your weight training workout first breaks down that barrier and allows you to burn that stored fat!  Then, when you go do your cardio workout, that barrier is down and your body can actually burn even more stored fat.  Hello results!

4)   The only time you want to do cardio first, is if cardio is the only workout you do that day.

Your muscles work very hard during weight lifting workouts, so they need rest every now and then.  However, that does not mean you should not be moving on those rest days.  Doing cardio on your day off from weight training is good for a lot of things, not just for losing weight:

         To make sure you keep your habit of working out everyday

         Heart health, lung health and endurance

         Helps with your digestion

         Helps your mental focus

         Increases your energy level

         Gets your endorphins going

         Gets your blood flowing into your muscles so they don’t get too sore.

What you do on your rest days is up to you, but remember:

Always, always, always do your cardio workout AFTER you weight train.  This will really help you take your results to the NEXT LEVEL.

At the end of the day, bottom line is you NEED to have a proven game plan to follow.

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