Did you notice how I said “cheat day” 😉

Thanksgiving and Christmas are FULL DAY CHEAT TIME..

C’mon I know I’m hardcore about weight loss and fitness but you still gotta enjoy the holidays! 🙂


As I’m buried in home-cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the entire family today, I just couldn’t help but stop and think about how much YOU and the LadyBoss community mean to me…

Thanksgiving is all about being “grateful”… but what does that REALLY mean?

So I looked it up 🙂

The 2 definitions I found are here:

1. Warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received; thankful.
2. Pleasing to the mind or senses; agreeable or welcome; refreshing.

Thinking back over the last 2 years or so of LadyBoss there couldn’t be a better way to explain how I feel!


Even if you’re not in our LadyBoss community.

Just the fact that you were gracious enough to open my email and see what I have to say means the world to me.

And for those who are LadyBosses, I am so thankful for the kindness you show to others in our community.

The amazing benefits you give to others when you truly LIVE IT OUT as a LadyBoss, you are setting an example that will impact others in a way you probably don’t even realize.

It’s just such an incredible honor to be apart of this movement with you.

It’s REFRESHING to be INSPIRED by women like you.

I am truly grateful this Thanksgiving Day.

I hope you are too.

Because you make a difference.

And YOU have a purpose.

For that I am thankful.


With LOVE always,
Kaelin Tuell Poulin

P.S. Work legs in the gym tomorrow! Your muscles will have lots of energy from all the food you eat/ate today.
P.S.S. LadyBosses: you’re NOT gonna want to miss what’s coming in the LadyBoss group tomorrow! 😉 😉
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