How To Handle The “Special Dessert” That Is Being Offered To You

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We go to family get togethers, we go to Christmas parties and a lot of times, people have baked something special.  Maybe it’s a cake, maybe it’s special cookies, or maybe it’s a pie.  Whatever it is, they’re always like: “Oh my gosh, I made this homemade pie, Kaelin, would you like a piece? I made it special, it took me ten hours to make it. It had to set it in an airtight container for three days and it’s the most magical and amazing thing ever. Kaelin, don’t you want a piece? You have to have a piece!

Sounds Familiar?

Everybody has that person (or many) in their family. That person will show up at your get together and all they want is to feed the guests.  They have the best intention, and all they really want is for you to feel the warmth and the love from the things that they made.  I used to just say no: “No, I don’t want it, I don’t want it, I don’t want it.”  But that’s just kind of harsh for people, especially when they made something special. Right?

Here’s my response now.

I realized, I don’t have to say no all the time.  I can just say: “Maybe later.

So now, when that person comes to me and is like: “I baked this special, magical pie and it’s amazing.  It’s going to give you wings and you’re going to fly away and there’s going to be sparkles” ...and so on.  Now I just say: “Maybe later, I’m good right now, but maybe in a little while

This way, I don’t crush that person’s heart and at the same time, it relieves me from my responsibility of having to have that piece of pie or that piece of cake or the ice cream or the treats or whatever it is.

Most of us just say yes to the cake, to the pie, to all this stuff because we feel bad.  This person just explained to us how hard it was to make, and you don’t want to say no so you normally just say yes.  Then, the piece of dessert is in your hand so you think: “Might as well just try it.”  Then we end up eating the whole thing and hating ourselves.  We think: “I should not have said okay. I shouldn’t have said it.”

Now, I don’t say yes and I don’t say no, but I say maybe later and that has saved me and saved people’s feelings, especially during the holiday season.

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