Normally, when we get together for the holidays, where do we gather? We either sit around the dinner table, or we sit around in the living room, right?

And what do we do?  Normally, it’s just all of us talking and having food.   We’re typically all sitting around until it is time to go home.

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Get Everyone Moving Together.

What? Like what are you saying Kaelin?

What if instead of getting together and being complacent at a table, we would got out and find a way to move?  What if the family went for a walk through the neighborhood to see all the Christmas lights, or sing Christmas carols?  What if you decide to meet your family and your friends at a park?  What if you guys met downtown and went to see all the Christmas decorations, or participate in holiday festivities like a parade or something like that?  What if you guys played games instead of having dinner?  What if you guys would have a Christmas Karaoke event, instead of sitting around the dinner table?  What if you went out dancing, or ice skating?  What if you plan a Christmas scavenger hunt?

Open Your Mind

I just want you to open your mind and try a new and active way to spend Christmas together.  It doesn’t have to be about vegging out, right?  It doesn’t have to be about coming together at a table.  It CAN be about coming together for an activity, like going out to make a snowman.  Anything that you guys can do together that feels like Christmas, but doesn’t involve sitting around.  

Comment below with a creative idea for a Christmas activity that does not involve sitting around!  I would love to hear about it!

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