Make It About Fun, Not Food.

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When you are with your friends and family, I want you to focus on how much fun you are having, not the food.

Most of our families and friends like to focus on food when we get together for the holidays, right?

Let’s get together for dinner.  Let’s go to this restaurant and exchange gifts.  Let’s all do a potluck, let’s do a cookie exchange, let’s do a bake off, or let’s do gingerbread houses.”

It’s all about the food instead of about the fun, so I want to challenge you this year.   How can you get your family and your friends and the people that you love together for some fun instead of for some food?

Maybe you can organize a holiday themed game night; or an ornament exchange; or convince them to join you for a holiday 5K fun run.

When You Don’t Have A Choice, You Still Have A Choice

When the activity has already been planned by someone else, and it revolves around food, it does not mean you can’t find a way to make the people focus on the fun!  

Bring music to the dinner party and invite people to dance; or ask everyone to show up with an ugly Christmas sweater; or ask all the children to join you into making a snowman; or challenge the adults to go run around the house with no winter jackets or boots!  The more fun the event becomes, the less people will focus on the food.  What are some of those fun things that you can do, or add, to make the focus about the fun and the quality time, and not about the food?

I promise you, if you take this last tip and really maul it over, the quality of your Christmas, and your whole holiday season will rise so much.  You’re going to have a whole lot more fun.  If you make your holidays about playing games, scavenger hunts, and ice skating, instead of about the food, your Christmas and your holiday season is going to be absolutely amazing, and you’re going to be able to stay hot over the holidays,

So, Merry Christmas.  I hope you enjoyed these 12 tips about how to stay hot over the holidays, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed happy New Year.

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