Make New Traditions.

For many of us, Christmas traditions are centered around food and meals.  We have pot-lucks, we bake, we make gingerbread houses, and we eat a lot of treats.  Because they are traditions, we feel like we’re locked into it.  But, it does not have to be that way.  

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I Want You To Get Creative.

I want you to get a pen and paper, and to write down what could potentially be new holiday traditions, new Christmas traditions, and new New Year’s traditions.  New traditions that you can have with your family, with your kids, with your friends, and even with your siblings!

A tradition should not be about food, it should be about making memories and feeling good.  If you take the food out of the holiday season what is left?  Surprisingly, a ton of stuff!  You still have the Christmas lights and decorations; you still have the music; you still have gatherings with friends and family; you still have generosity and gift giving; and for some of you there will still be snow.  

Changing your traditions might feel awkward at first, because you won’t be coming together for food, but that does not mean the traditions won’t be good, exciting, cheerful and happy.  Who knows, they might even be better and more fun than the old ones!  

We got used to thinking about food as soon as we think about Christmas.  In fact, a lot of us love Christmas because of the treats and the rich food.  We think the food is responsible for those good feelings, but it’s not.  The good feelings comes from being around your family, from being with your kids, from having a few days off, from traveling, from coming out of your routine and doing something different.  That’s why it feels like quality time, and it feels like love.

Unfortunately, because there is always food around, we’ve attached those feelings to the food, instead of attaching them to the people that we spend our time with.

Stop Focusing On The Food

This year, I want you to map out some new traditions that you guys can do, instead of focusing on the food.  Is it ice skating? Is it cutting down your own tree? Is it going to the park that’s lit up with Christmas lights? What are some of those new traditions that you guys could start this year?

Kick all the food traditions to the curb, because you’re going to get hot over the holidays. You’re going to show your kids and your family that what is really important is each other, not the food that we’re eating together.

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