Don’t Be A Grazer.

This is where most of us fall short. We avoid the big crazy meal, but we graze on all the treats and the snacks and the dips.

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Go In Another Room

So, here’s my trick for not being a grazer.  Anytime I am about to go into grazing mode and scour the counters for all the little treats, I literally shut down my eyes and I tell myself to either go to the bathroom, or go in another room.  

Picture Yourself As A Dog

Or, I’ll close my eyes for a second, and imagine myself as a dog that is counter surfing.  You know what I’m talking about, right?  Those dogs that just climb on counter tops and try to steal food off of it, by eating everything in sight, not even knowing what half the food is.  I picture myself as being that dog, and I tell myself: “I’m not even hungry.  I don’t need any of this stuff. I’m just being that dog that is surfing the counter because it’s there.”

So, once I visualize myself as being like that, and seeing the act as a third party perspective, it immediately turns me off.  I think: “Okay.  I’m aware now of what I’m doing. I don’t want it. I don’t necessarily need it.”  It just gets rid of my craving for wanting to graze the counter tops during holiday events.

It’s a funny and fun way to help yourself out mentally.  It’s not your job to clean the plates. It’s not your job to help eat all the food.  

Most of us want to eat it because we feel like it’s the right thing to do.  We think: “Oh, well someone made it, it’s here, and it’s free, so I should help consume it.”  When in reality, it’s not your job and not your responsibility to eat that food. Okay?

So, if you feel like you’re starting to go into grazing mode, go in the bathroom, shut your eyes off for a minute, and picture yourself as that little counter surfing dog.  I know that’s going to help you this holiday season because statistically, every bite of treat that we take during the holiday parties is about 60 calories. So, it adds up big time. But, this year, you have the control.

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