Have you ever gone to the gym with your head down, because you don’t feel sure of yourself?   I HAVE (…I think everyone has at some point).  Here are a few things I’ve done that really helped to boost my confidence:

Before: watch instruction videos

There’s nothing worse than walking in a gym when you don’t know what the hell you’re doing, right?  The first time I walked in a gym, I turned around and walked right back to my car. The gym can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be.  Prepare yourself before you go. Watch instruction videos online to make sure you do it right.

During: Bring a plan with you

Don’t go blind!  Draft a list of the exercises you want to do and the machines you want to use and bring it with you to the gym.  It doesn’t matter if it’s on your phone, or on a piece of paper that you keep close to you. You’re not going to the gym to worry or overthink everything, right?  You go to the gym to workout. Go in with a list, so your head is focused and ready.

Bring water

You need water!  If you don’t you will feel tired halfway in your workout, or you will hurt yourself!  And then all you will think about is how awful you feel, and how you want to just go home.  Water will help your muscles move smoothly and will help your brain stay alert, and motivated, okay?

Bring your Favorite Music

You need to bring music that makes you want to move and help motivate you!  The last thing you want is to workout to dead silence, right? — That’s when your negative thoughts kick-in.  Music can uplift your mood and make you feel good.

Wear comfortable clothes that make you feel good.

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Until next time,