I used to be so scared of being seen in a bathing suit.  

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Every year, my family and all of my friends would take a vacation, like Panama City Beach for the 4th of July (my favorite place in the world).  While I was there, I would put on a bathing suit, and immediately top it up with a cover up.  Then, I would sit in beach chair, under my umbrella, and just watch my family and friends have a good time…without me.  

This was such a terrible time for me in my life, because I was controlled by food.  When we would go on vacation, it wasn’t even the beach and the social events that I would look forward to.  I was looking forward to going out to eat in the restaurants, and all of the beach side deserts booth options, like dippin’ dots, and stuff like that.

The things that I was looking forward to was the food, because at that point in my life, that’s all I thought about.  It just ran my life. I hated being in a bathing suit, even though my family and friends were the closest people to me, I didn’t even want them seeing me in my bathing suit!

They were out in the water, playing and having fun, and yelling for me, like: “Kaelin!  Come get in the water!” And I was just like: “No.  I’m just gonna stay here.”  I was so afraid to take off the bathing suit cover-up, that I didn’t partake in those memories, and I didn’t  partake in those activities. I don’t even appear in those vacation pictures, because I didn’t want people to see me in a bathing suit.  Crazy.  It’s kinda hurtful now thinking about it.  All the things that I could’ve done, that I didn’t get to do because of that insecurity.

Taking Back Control

After that vacation, I started to have ah-ha moments, like :”I don’t want to be like this anymore.  I want to be able to control the food.  I want to take control over the food.”  But, I didn’t know how, or know where to start.  All I knew, was that I was eating uncontrollably.  I would binge eat a whole tube of cookie dough, at night time in my pantry, or eat a full bag of Oreos with a giant glass of milk.  I don’t even like milk, but I couldn’t have Oreos without milk, right?  

So, the food was in complete control of me.  And at this moment, I realized: “I don’t want to be like this anymore.  I don’t want to be ashamed of my body in my bathing suit.  I don’t want to be scared to hangout with my friends and family on the beach, because it involves me being in a 2 piece.”  

I didn’t want that anymore, so I started asking myself: “What are the ways that I can control the food? How can I stop a craving when I have one? What are the precautions that I can take, and put in place, that will help me avoid binging on a whole pack of Oreos, or not eat a full tub of cookie dough, or not eat a large pizza to myself, every time my body wants to eat, and not drive to McDonald’s and get 4 double cheeseburgers and a large fry, a milkshake and a large Coke?   How can I stop the binging, when I have the cravings?  How can I help myself win in those situations, instead of losing?” Right?  

So, I started researching, and reading a bunch of stuff.  Then, I started trying the tips and tricks that I was learning.  So, for example, every time I had cravings for chocolate, I would go brush my teeth, because nothing tastes good after you’ve just brushed your teeth.  Or, every time I had a craving for anything, I would start to chew gum.  Because, once you have that mint taste in your mouth, your craving goes away.  Other times, I would drink water, because even though I felt hungry, I was often just thirsty.  My body was completely dehydrated, right?  So, as soon as I would drink 16-32 ounces of water, my craving would go away.

So, if you are someone who doesn’t want to be seen in a bathing suit, and have a hard time controlling food cravings, I made something for you. It’s a cravings crusher cheat sheet.  It’s FREE, and it is filled with the tricks I personally use when I get cravings.   

With this manual, you’ll learn what you’re body is actually asking for, when it’s craving certain foods.  And you will learn what to eat instead, to satisfy your body needs and crush your cravings.

I still use those tips everyday ladies.  A lot of weight loss guru’s out there will tell you to simply be “stronger than the cravings”, but I’m here to tell you that sometimes we are not strong, and that is okay.  I get it.  Sometimes you need more than just mind control to crush your cravings.  You need concrete actions that works!  I lost 65 lbs 7 years ago, and I STILL CRAVE FOOD ALL THE TIME.  It is normal, you just have to learn what to do when it happens, instead of binge eating junk food.

When you re-establish your relationship with food, you will see your weight loss results sky rocket.  Click HERE to get your FREE Cravings Crusher Cheat Sheet

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