“What made me turn my life around

and lose 65 pounds?

What was the moment I decided

I was done being overweight?”

The exact moment when I decided I was done with being overweight was at Christmas time at my Uncle’s house. The whole family was there celebrating the holiday. It was December in 2011 and I was a sophomore in college. My grandmother always made the most amazing, the ultimate snickerdoodle cookie.

I reached for a cookie.

My grandmother smacked my hand, “Do you really think you need another one of those cookies?”

Oh, my gosh, I thought. Did my grandmother just say that to me?

I was so embarrassed. What she said was mean and my whole family heard her say it. Everyone was stunned, including me. The room got very quiet.

That’s when I made the decision.

Everyone else was coddling me, acting like I hadn’t gained the weight. My grandmother was the only one who actually said something to me. It was mean but she was right. I needed to hear it.

Someone was brutally honest with me.

…And that made all the difference.

I had to stop eating cookies. At night, I had to stop eating a whole tub of cookie dough. I had to make better, smarter choices to get back to being fit and healthy.

To help, I decided to look up some inspirations on the web. I googled weight loss transformations. Wow, there were people who were a lot worse off than me. If they can transform their overweight bodies into looking like this great, why not me? Why can’t I do this?

I made the decision.

It changed my world forever. Come Follow me on LadyBoss and we can work together to get you healthy and fit.


With LOVE always,

Kaelin Tuell Poulin