I don’t want to be depressed or anxious anymore about losing weight.  I struggled with this so hard when I wanted to lose weight.   

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I had a plan, I knew I needed to eat healthy, and I knew I needed to work out, but for some reason, the whole thing was making me feel way more depressed than feeling good about myself.  It made me feel way more anxious, trying to do something about it than actually being overweight.  I remember thinking: “I would rather be this 65 pounds overweight and feel comfortable, than trying to lose weight and feel all the anxiety of not knowing what to do or feel depressed because I was falling short.”

They Set You Up For Failure

The reason why I felt so depressed about trying to lose weight was because every plan that I tried, and all these other companies, and these programs and these diets out there totally set you up to fail.

A lot of weight loss companies out there don’t teach you how to be healthy, and what being healthy actually means.  How do you actually eat healthy? How do you cook healthy foods? How much water should I be drinking during a day?

I’d buy this plan or I’d start this new thing or I’d start this new supplement or magic pill or whatever it was, and then I would end up depressed for two weeks because I wasn’t following through on it.  I couldn’t stick with it and then I was just like: “I’m a failure, I give up, I can’t do this.  This program doesn’t work for me and I feel so much anxiety about it that I’d rather just go back to being 65 pounds overweight.”

All these plans set us up to fail. They have these big expectations, like you’re going to lose this amount of weight in this amount of time or if you do this you’re going to get this.  So, when I started falling short of it, it was discouraging.  They weren’t actually teaching me how to live a healthy lifestyle.  They weren’t teaching me about why I was making the choices that I should be making. There was all these lies in the weight loss industry that had built up so much false expectation around how weight loss actually happens and how you actually keep it off.

This Is The Only Thing Worth Quitting…

What’s interesting is, once I quit listening to all the weight loss companies, like don’t eat carbs, cut all your calories, and give up all the foods you love, the anxiety and the pressure of trying to lose weight was gone.  

I realized those diets were not going to work for me, because I LIKE FOOD.  I was sick of giving up everything that I love.  I decided I was not going to do give up carbs because some company was telling me to … my brain does not work correctly when I don’t eat carbs.  I decided I was not going to give up restaurants with my friends because I love to do that.  When I started building a healthy lifestyle around the things that I wanted out of my life, I felt free.  

I just want you to stop right now and think about the pressure these programs put on you: magic pills, timelines and false expectations of what’s actually going to happen.  I want you to sort that out in your mind and just say, and ask yourself: “Am I feeling pressure from my plan? Am I feeling pressure from trying to lose weight? Or am I feeling empowered to do it? Am I learning the things I need to learn so I can actually have a healthy lifestyle instead of not even knowing why I’m doing what I’m doing?”

We’ve All Felt The Pressure…

If you’re someone that struggles with this pressure from your diet, it is time for you to get to the bottom of things.  You need to learn about nutrition, you need to learn about fitness, and you need to learn about self-love.  If you’re expected to eat chicken and broccoli, you’re supposed to know why.  You are supposed to know what is a protein vs. what is a carb.  All of those things are really important, because if you don’t learn how to have a healthy lifestyle or why the choices that you’re making matter, you’ll never be able to keep up with it long term.

Actually, along my journey, I made a list of all the lies I discovered from the weight loss industry, and I mapped out the healthy habits I adopted instead.  Then, I wrote them all in one amazing book.  I want to give this book to you for free, if you want it.  I don’t know, you might not want it. You might not care, but I mapped out all of the lies about weight loss and how I’ve kept it off for the last six years now, without giving up pizza and ice cream, and without giving up restaurants.  

I also added all of the healthy alternatives I discovered that taste just as good as all of those treats you enjoy.  It is all in the book.

The book is called Big Fat Lies.  It’s FREE, all you have to do is cover the shipping and I know that you’re absolutely going to love it.  Click here to get your FREE book!

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