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Drink Enough Water

During this time of year, it seems like we all forget to stay hydrated.  We’re all eating different foods than we’re used to, as well as drinking holiday drinks, so it is especially important to drink more water, not less!

Make sure you’re not only drinking eggnog, okay?

One of the reasons we crave all those treats and snacks off the counters is because our body is thirsty and dehydrated, so make sure you drink enough water.

If you stay hydrated, you won’t have nearly as many cravings and you won’t feel as hungry either.  Being hydrated will also keep you focused and full of energy, so you can tackle all those tasks and activities.  Being hydrated will also help you digest all those holiday treats and help you get a more quality sleep.  

We walk around all day feeling hungry, when in fact, 70% of time, our body is simply dehydrated.  

So, make sure to stay hydrated this holiday season. It’s really going to help kick those cravings to the curb.  It’s going to help you keep that energy up and help you feel good over the next couple of weeks while you are running around during this crazy time of year.  

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