Your fitspirations are hindering you from your own success.

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Fitspiration: Not So Inspiring

So, in the beginning of my journey, I remember posting up pictures of these fitness models that I wanted to look like, all over the place, all over my mirrors, in my notebooks, and as my wallpaper.  I understand why I did that, because I was like: “Man, I want to look like this. I want to look like this.”  But, it turned out, I was always comparing myself to them.  So, every day, when I would look at them, I kept thinking: “But I’m never going to get there.”  

It can be inspiring to see those fitness models bodies, but at the same time, you are probably using them as a measuring stick for yourself, right?  Are you measuring your body to their body? Are you measuring your progress to their progress?  Are you comparing yourself to them?  Because, you have to remember, comparison is the thief of joy.

Take Your Own Progress Pictures

I believe in keeping your own progress pictures.  I believe in posting pictures of yourself and how far you’ve come along your own journey.  This way, you can see YOUR progress week to week to week and see how much you’re changing.  Instead of putting up pictures of “fitspirations”, or from these women you want to look like, that maybe have never had to lose weight in their life. How is it fair for you to compare your body to their body? It’s not.  It can be good and inspiring to glance at them every once in awhile, but if you feel like you’re comparing yourself to them, that’s when it becomes really dangerous.

So, let’s get off the “fitspiration”.  Be your own inspiration.  Let your own progress inspire you to keep moving forward, instead of comparing yourself to someone else’s body that isn’t your body type; that isn’t you; that doesn’t have your schedule; and that doesn’t live your life.  That would not be fair to you, and that’s not fair to your progress.  So, wad all those up, throw ’em out, and post up your own pictures, and say: “You know what? This is how far I’ve comeand isn’t that more inspiring?”

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