Okay, should you go gluten-free? Should you not? Is gluten okay? Is it not? I feel like everyone’s confused right now because gluten has been the enemy this year.

The New Enemy

Fat was the enemy a while back, then it was carbs, and now we’re pointing fingers at gluten.

Most people can consume gluten without any harm at all.  Other people however, have an intolerance to it.  This means their body has a difficulty digesting it, causing bloating, grogginess, feeling sluggish, headaches, etc. 

Personally, after cutting out carbs for like 24 weeks, and then re-introducing them, that’s when I noticed my body had a problem with gluten.  Every time I would try to eat some, I would get sick.  My stomach would turn over.  So, I took all gluten out of my diet for 10 days and then on the 11th day, All I did was have a bowl of oatmeal and no joke, I projectile vomited everywhere because my body just was not receive it.
That’s when I knew it was an actual intolerance. Later, I had a blood test and yes, it confirmed that my body should not have gluten.

However, most people don’t have a actual gluten allergy or intolerance.  And, if you don’t have a real gluten issue, there’s no reason for you to cut it out.  

How To Know For Sure?

If you suspect you have a gluten intolerance, but you are not sure, get tested.  You can request an blood allergy test when you visit your doctor to see if you’re allergic, or you can try test yourself at home for an intolerance, like I did. 

If you eat gluten and your stomach feels fine, your gut feels fine, and your brain is not foggy, you don’t need to take gluten out of your diet.

If you do have undesired symptoms after you eat gluten however, get a tested.  Talk to your doctor, and see if you have an intolerance, before going on this whole gluten free kick.  

Don’t follow the gluten free diet just because it is trendy right now on social media; in Hollywood; and in all these nutritional stores.  Just because you see gluten free everywhere, it does not mean YOU have to cut it out.  Before you adapt to that diet, see if it’s something that you actually need to do.

I think the answer to “Should I go Gluten Free?” is:
Is it actually right for YOU?  

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