The 5th Law of Results:

Follow This to Guarantee

Weight Loss Results


I’ll let you in in our little secret…

This is the most important of all the “Laws of Results”. You must decide, you have to make the decision to take control of your life. It’s all or nothing: 100% focus! You have to make up your mind that you’re going to do this. Believe in yourself, you can make it happen. The goals are already done in your mind.

For me, going from being clinically obese, to competing in a bodybuilding contest, was frightening. You just have to decide to do it. Just make up your mind and commit yourself to the challenge.

When I lost 65 pounds, I decided to enter an IFBB Pro Fitness Competition—a very scary thing to do. Think about that. The feeling was very intimidating. In my mind, I saw myself as a winner on that stage and then I won the fitness competition. I had already pictured myself reaching my goal; and it happened. See yourself as a winner, and go after your goal. You can do it.

All I had to do was to follow the LadyBoss plan, stay consistent, and journal it. Mentally, it was already done. But I had to keep putting in the work to be successful every day.

Now, you have to decide to do this.

Find a way to make this happen. Your goal to health and confidence should become your number one priority for the next three months. You have to decide in your mind that you want this so bad that nothing else matters. Nothing is going to stop you, no matter what.

Nothing is going to get in your way.

It’s already done. You’ve already lost the 30, the 40, the 50 pounds. However much it is for you, just keep following the steps. Be consistent: do it today; every day; and every day after that.

This is an ultimate decision. Look at your goal every single day. You look at your “why” every single day. You have a plan, now execute it.

Deciding in your head to commit to the LadyBoss approach is the hardest part. The metal game is the biggest challenge. Once you made the decision and conquered the doubts in your head, you can do anything you set your mind to…

I want you to decide now, to write it down now…that you’re going to lose X amount of weight in 90 days or build X amount of muscle in 90 days. Get excited about it. Once you have fully committed, I would love if you would share that with me on my Facebook page, Snap-chat or Instagram.

Together we can get you on the right path to permanent weight loss.


Do it today…

Do it every day…

And every day after that.

Together we can get you on the right path to permanent weight loss.

Remember, all you have to do is focus on WINNING TODAY.

…Remember, always be spreading sparkle…