I’ve been working out in the gym for years now.  And guess what? –I’m still learning.  To this day, I keep discovering new tips every month.  So, if you think that you know everything there is to know about fitness, you are wrong.   You should never get to a point in your health & fitness journey where you know it all – that’s exactly the point in your journey where you become COMPLACENT.

Always be learning new ways to continue to get better, to amp up your workouts, & to keep your body injury free in the long run.  

Here is an example of 3 secret gym tips that I personally use EVERYDAY.  These will really make a difference with your end results.

1)   End Your Weight Training Workout With A Bang…

So, you went through a whole weight training workout.  You are tired.  You are beat.  You pat yourself on the back and then you head home.  What if you could do one more thing that would amp up your results?

Personally, when I am done a weight training workout, I pick one more exercise; I remove a bit of weight, so I don’t injure myself; and I give it all I’ve got!

Here is an example for leg day: When I am done with my workout, I go on the leg press machine and I do 10 reps each leg until I reach 100 reps in total, without any breaks!  Again, you’ll want to remove a bit of weight, because you want to reach 100 repetitions.

This trick is a mix between weight training + cardio.  When it is done at the end of a workout, it is gold.  Just when you think you have nothing else to give, you push yourself.  This will help you burn fat and get crazy results.

2)    Use Your Fingers To Palpate Your Muscles When You Are Lifting Weights…

Sometimes, we lift weights and we think we are targeting the proper muscle group, when in fact we are using other muscle groups to compensate.

Example: You might think you are using your biceps muscles to do your bicep curls, when in fact your forearm muscles are doing half of the movement.

Why is this bad? –If muscles from another group are contracting, it means you are probably lifting too heavy or you don’t have the right form.  The muscle group you are targeting cannot do the job alone, so other muscles are jumping in to compensate.  This can lead to injuries, and slower results.

You want to make sure the muscle group you are targeting is the one contracting most.

So, how can you be sure you are targeting the proper muscle group? —By using your fingers to palpate your muscles.

Use your index and middle finger and put them on the proper muscle group when you are doing your rep.  Is it contracting? —Good.  Now put your fingers on the other muscle groups when you are doing the same exercise.  Are they contracting? –They shouldn’t.

Remove a bit of weight or reposition yourself to make sure you have the proper body alignment during your movement.

3)   Use a Foam Roller…

Ahhhhhh! I have a love/hate relationship with the foam roller. It hurts so bad sometimes, but it feels so good at the same time, kind of like a deep tissue massage.  You know you need it & its good for you, but sometimes it makes you squeal a little!

Here’s the low down – You know how your muscles get super sore the day or two after a tough workout? (which all of your workouts should be btw!) Using a foam roller on the areas you trained will help break up the lactic acid build up – aka the stuff that makes you feel stiff after leg day & makes it hard to be able to sit down on the toilet! LOL

Laying down across a foam roller & “rolling” your freshly worked muscles back and forth using your body weight as the force, will help break up that lactic acid build up that causes pain, soreness, and cramps.

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