There’s three mistakes that women make at the gym.

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1) Thinking Everyone Is Judging You

Do you feel like people are looking at you, and judging you?  Are you worried about what other people are thinking?

Let me tell you this: I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum and I can confirm that this is so not true.  The truth is that everyone is worried about themselves being judged, okay?

All the fit people think everyone is judging them for being super fit, while the newbies think all the fit people are judging them, like they don’t belong there.  I’ve been in the gym as a new person who had to lose a lot of weight, and I’ve been in the gym as a super fit person, and both times, I was worried about people judging me.  Until one day, I realized everyone’s just worried about themselves.

No one is actually judging you.  It is simply a false assumption we all have.  So, just go and do your thing.

2) Paying Too Much Attention To What Everyone Else Is Doing

You’re paying too much attention to what others are doing in the gym, or what exercise they’re doing, or how they’re doing everything, and you’re not focused on your own workout.  You constantly want to do what they’re doing.  You’re second guessing yourself.  

Stop doing that.  You’re only sabotaging your own progress.  Comparing yourself to others is a total time waster.  You know what you are there to do.  Stop second guessing yourself.  Stop looking at people and thinking: “Oh, that looks cool. You know, is that what I should be doing?

Stop paying attention to what everyone else is doing and just focus on your own workout.

3) Scared To Lift

The third mistake women make in the gym is that they’re scared to lift weights.  Don’t be afraid of weights!  

I know you see pictures of women that might have a lot of muscles, and they might look scary to you, but trust me.  You will not end up like that just by lifting weights, okay?  Those muscles that you see are not natural.  

What lifting weight will actually do is get you toned, and fit.  You are NOT going to get bulky.  You have to lift weights to get that toned, fit, tighter and sexy look that you want.

You can’t just do cardio and expect to get a fit and toned body, alright?  Don’t be afraid to lift weights.  You are not going to get bulky overnight.  It takes years, and years, and years, and years to build that kind of muscle that you’re afraid of having.  It doesn’t just happen when you touch a couple of dumbbells, all right?  Don’t be afraid of the weight floor.  Get out there and lift weights.  You’ll see, it will burn so much fat off your body you won’t even believe it.  Your body is going to completely change its composition because you weren’t afraid to lift.

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