How can we create new healthy habits?

I was on my own journey to lose weight, and I was always trying to make new habits.  I was always trying to drink more water, workout, eat healthy and get more sleep.  What’s crazy is I was always trying to fit these new habits in and thought they were going to stick.  But, they just wouldn’t.  

So, how do we get there then?

You Have To Replace Old Habits With New Habits

You can’t just pile on new habits into your life, on top of the habits you already have.  They can’t coexist.  You can’t just drop bad habits and add new ones either.  What you need to do is brake down your bad habits, and you need to replace one thing with something healthier.  A good example is quitting smoking.  Those who are trying to quit smoking often walk around with a toothpick in their mouth, to replace the cigarette.

You Need To Get Creative

Personally, I used to always be on the couch watching TV.  I used to sit there, binge watch TV shows and eat junk food.  I started telling myself: “OK, I’m not allowed to watch TV anymore, unless it’s connected to a treadmill.” So, instead of trying to quit watching TV, I simply replaced sitting and eating with running on the treadmill!

Another one is I used to drink coke all day.  I had a very difficult time drinking water, but I had no problem drinking Coke.  I would drink 10 Cokes a day, no joke.  I would refill a Polar Pop, three-four times at the gas station.  It was just nuts.  I tried to stop drinking coke all together and drink water instead, but it just wasn’t working out.  What I hadn’t realize is, I just needed to have that same Polar Pop, but with water in it, instead of Coke.  So, I would still go get that big polar pop cup, and fill it with the crunchy ice, but instead of filling it up with Coke, I started to fill it up with water.  Even though it took me a while to start getting used to drinking water instead of Coke, that’s what helped me change it!

Ask yourself: how can I get creative with this?  What aspect of this bad habit can I change, to turn it into a new healthy one?  How can you change the process of your habit, so it is just one small thing that is actually changing, and not the whole activity?

Little things like that are really going to help you start forming those new habits and actually getting them to stick!  Hope that helps!

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