How to have the best year ever, every year.

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You Have To Make The Decision

You can’t just wish or hope you will have the best year ever in 2018.  You have to DECIDE you will have the best year ever in 2018.

You have to decide that you will do whatever it takes, to make happen.  You have to make the decision that you are going to commit 100 percent to the goals you write down for 2018, and that you will make them happen.

Because let me tell you something.  I personally struggled with my weight for so long.  I was 65 pounds overweight, and I was always saying: “I want to lose the weight. I want to lose the weight” but I never actually decided that I was going to do it, right?  When the moment came that I finally DECIDED to lose the weight, things started shifting and the results followed not long after.

Think about it, everything that you accomplish in life, you decide in a moment’s notice, right?  It might take you five years to consider it, and maul over it, but it only takes a second to finally decide.  You spend time contemplating it, but suddenly, in a moment’s notice, you decide that you don’t want to be like that anymore.  You don’t want to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed anymore.  You don’t want to look at yourself in a dressing room and feel ashamed or discouraged anymore.

I still remember my moment like it was yesterday.  6 year ago, I was at my Grandma’s house for a Christmas get together and she had just made some Snicker-doodle Cookies.  As I was reaching to grab the sixth one, she smacked my hand and said: “Now, Kaelin, do you really think you need that cookie?

In that moment, I felt myself make the decision.  I felt myself literally shift in my mind.  At first I was really upset, but then I started to realize that she was right.  I did not wanted to be like that anymore.  I was tired of feeling like that.  I did not wanted to binge on food all the time, and I felt myself make that decision.

Your Turn…

Look at your goals that you wrote down with the past blog or vlog, and just decide this is the year.  Say to yourself: “I’m going to do this no matter what.”  Just so you know, the more times you repeat this, the easier it gets to say it and to execute it.  So look back at those goals, and  instead of just having your goals listed, I want you to write out “I will” statements.

I will lose the 30 pounds this year.”

I will get the promotion that I’m working hard for.”

I will travel to Europe.”

I will develop a stronger relationship with my spouse.”

I will reach out and make new friends.”

I want you to write them as an I-will statement and actually repeat them, until it sticks in your mind, that you’re going to do it this year in 2018.

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