I seriously used to call myself the token fat friend all the time. It’s terrible to say now. I hate even using the F word. 

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I Do Not Believe In The F Word…

as in F-A-T word.  I used to say it to myself all the time, like no joke.  In college, I had all these hot roommates.  I was cursed with hot roommates, okay? I was always telling myself: “Oh, I’m just the fat friend.  All my other friends are hot. They look cute in every freaking outfit.  Everything they put on looks amazing, and then there’s me in my baggy sweatpants and in my baggy sweatshirt trying to hide my body from the world.”  Now, I don’t believe in it.  I think that you should never use it, especially when saying it towards yourself. If this is something that you say about yourself, or other people joke about, you have to stop.  

You are not fat. You have fat. This is something I realized later: “I‘m not fat, right? I have fat.” You’re not fat. You have fat.  You also have fingernails, right?  Does that make you a fingernail? NO.  You know what I mean? You have to stop calling yourself the F word.  You have to stop speaking about yourself in that term.  You have to stop using that kind of negativity about yourself, because your body hears everything that you say, okay?

When You’re Saying Negative Stuff Towards Yourself, Your Body Doesn’t Want To Change.

You can’t be thinking like a negative Nancy, or doubting Debbie talking bad to yourself, and then be in a body that’s losing weight.  The way that you get a healthy body that loses weight is by speaking positive things into your mind, like: “I’m beautiful, and I could do this. I could lose this weight.”  Speaking those things into your life is what your body’s actually going to react to.  The more you call yourself the F word, the worse that it becomes.  Trust me, I know.  I’ve been there. The more that I would say that word to myself, the more it would just dig me into a hole and into the dirt.

I wrote out this whole story and this whole process that I went through myself in a book.  This book became a Barnes & Noble number one bestseller, and hit number one in many categories on Amazon.  Why? –Because I debunk all the lies about the weight loss industry.  I wrote pages and pages about how I lost 65 pounds in seven months, without giving up pizza and ice cream.   In this book, I explain how I went from talking negatively to myself, to talking positively to myself. I would tell myself statements like, “I’m awesome.  I’m amazing.  I can lose the weight.”   Eventually, my body started to believe it.  I actually started believing that it was true.  

I know this book will help you.  I’ve already paid for your copy. I want to give it to you for free, so all you have to do is grab it at the link if you want it.  Stop calling yourself the F word, okay? You no longer use that.  You’re the beautiful friend.  You’re the amazing friend.  You’re the supportive friend, not the F friend.

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