How to stay motivated all day.

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I’m going to share with you what I do every morning, and on a weekly basis.  

I Sit Down And I Write My Goals 

So I have a sheet where I write my weekly goals. I do this on Monday morning, but you can do this on Sunday night as well.  On this sheet I write all of the things that I want to accomplish that week, at work, with myself, with my body, and my relationships.  I write all that down.  

And then, every morning, on a separate sheet, I write what my intention is for that day.  I ask myself: What’s my intention for today?  My intention could be to have incredible focus today, for example.  I write it down.  After I decided what my intention will be, I write out what are my top three things that I need to do that day to accomplish my weekly goals.  I ask myself, what are the three things I could do today?

And then, I just write out my little to do list of things that I want to get accomplished for that day. This includes all of my health goals, getting to the gym, having my healthy meals, drinking a gallon of water, etc.  I write all this stuff out because when I have it planned, I can check these things off.

I Review

When you have a few days done, or a few weeks, you start to realize where you struggle and where you can adapt and change so you won’t struggle with that the next day.

Most of us just go through the day, the week, the month, or even years just sitting in the backseat of our own life.  We don’t have a written game plan so we always feel like we’re not accomplishing anything.  We never catch that fire. We never catch the momentum because we don’t have it written out.  We don’t have a game plan in place.  

Your Turn…

So, I just encourage you to write out your goal and your plan.  Even if you don’t know the end goal, you can still write your day to day goals and things to do.  What is your intention for today? Is it patience? Is it focus? Is it having a positive attitude? Is it not having negative self-talk?  What are your  health goals today? What are those three things that you should be doing today?

Is it writing your affirmation? Is it setting new goals? Is it having those healthy meals? What are the three things you could do today? And then, as you start to check these off, you will get more focus.  Have your sheet with you all day as a reminder of what you need to do.  Then, when you are getting better at checking things off your list, start to look at where you struggled yesterday.  Where did you struggled last week?  What can you change and adapt and overcome to move forward and start to catch fire?

As you start to do these things and see yourself gaining success, you’re going to start to feel that positive energy, and that push from behind.  The momentum will  catch on and all you will need to do is ride the wave.  Stop going through your day by the seat of your pants.  Stop going through your month with no plan in place.  Map those things out and write those down and I truly, truly believe that it will help you do that.  When you start gaining that momentum you’re going to feel yourself just take off towards your goal and you’re going to be unstoppable.

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