I want to share how I manage to wake up early.  

First of all, I wouldn’t say that I’m a morning person.  Actually, I don’t really enjoy mornings. I just get up because I need to.   What I want to show you, is my secret to getting my butt to the gym by 6AM.

“First, I pull out my shaker cup that I fill with water”

I really like the LadyBoss Triple Action Shaker

Check it out.  It actually has pieces that come off at the bottom, so I can store supplements for latter. Click HERE to get your Triple Action Shaker.  I don’t like the shakers with the little metal balls inside because they freaking get lost or they all get tangled together.  So, don’t get one of those, all right?

“Then, I start the LadyBoss Transformation system.”


BURN is an effective ALL NATURAL Fat Burner.  I keep it next to my toothbrush, so I don’t forget to take it first thing when I wake up early.   BURN is the easiest way I know to jump start your body’s natural metabolism.  It basically helps to turn your body into a Fat Burning Furnace! I take one of these, and then I put the other in the small pill compartment of my shaker, for later.

“I put LadyBoss Lean in the bottom compartment of my shaker, so I can drink it after my workout.”

LadyBoss LEAN serves as a nutritional breakfast and a complete post workout meal.  It is an all in one premium protein and nutritional shake for women. From this one simple shake after my workout, I get all of the nutrition that my body needs.  That is why I have it right after my workout. It helps me get better results, because it helps build back all the proteins that I just lost during my workout.

LadyBoss Fuel is amazing.  It smells and tastes like watermelon candy.  This is basically like your pre-workout energy booster.  It is going to help you feel awesome for the gym. I put a scoop of this FUEL in my shaker that is already filled with water. LadyBoss FUEL doesn’t make you jittery by the way.  It doesn’t make you crazy and it doesn’t make you itchy either.  It just gives you the best workout ever. When you take this, you’re just like really focused and ready to crush it.   The best part is you don’t have a crash afterwards.

LadyBoss RECOVER will help you prevent soreness after your workouts.  This is the trick to being able to work out everyday. It is basically your BCAAs — a fancy way of saying it helps your body recover from your workouts.   So I add one scoop of RECOVER in my shaker, together with my scoop of FUEL from earlier.  These two supplements have the same flavor so they blend well together. One will help you focus and stay motivated, while the other will help you prevent soreness.  It is literally the perfect mixed drink for any workout.

Now you are ready to HIT THE GYM.   

You can drink your FUEL +  RECOVER mix on the way there.   When you get to the gym, you will be ready to dominate your workout, I promise.  Then, when you’re done your workout, you can refill your shaker with water, mix your scoop of LEAN, and drink it. So, this is my morning routine and the secret to how I can wake up early.  It is freaking awesome. Before I was using these supplements, I was just waking up in the morning and dragging my feet.  But now, with this system, you’re just like: “Yeah, I’m going to crush my workout. It does not matter what time you get up.  It could be 4:00 in the morning you’ll still be like: “Yes, this is amazing.”

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Later in the afternoon — just when I’m about to get tired, around 2PM –I take another BURN capsule (remember the one I stored in my shaker earlier?).  This capsule prevents me from hitting a wall. It just gives me the boost of energy I need to tackle the rest of my afternoon and evening!

Okay, so you probably noticed I only mentioned 4 steps, but there are actually 5!  We all know it is easier to wake up in the morning and feel energized when we’ve had a good sleep, right?  

REST is the natural supplement that gently lulls you to sleep, and helps you stay asleep all night, so your body can actually rejuvenate. I take 2 of these before I go to bed at night.  This one is probably my favorite of all because I have a hard time winding down and going to sleep.

LadyBoss Transformation System


As you can see, you can tailor this system to your lifestyle.  If you workout later in the day, you can wait before you take FUEL and RECOVER, and take LEAN for breakfast as your step 2.  What’s really cool about these 5 products is that they were scientifically formulated specifically for women.   A lot of the pre-workouts and energy boosters out there are made for men and have testosterone in them, or other crazy chemicals that mess with the female hormones. It makes us crazy.    I spent years searching to find stuff that’s good for women, and that works with our body instead of against it — No luck.  That’s why we created this system. Implementing this 5-step Transformation System is how you get the best workout ever.

  • It is going to help you ignite your body and your metabolism.
  • It is going to help you get better results and lose the weight that you want to lose.


“You want to be able to have it all.”  

  1. BURN will help you boost your metabolism and your energy level.
  2. FUEL will help motivate you to go to the gym, or just help kickstart your day.
  3. RECOVER will help you prevent soreness after your workout.
  4. LEAN will help you get all the nutrition you need, especially if you tend to skip breakfast or are always busy and on the go like me.  I keep this shake with me wherever I go!
  5. REST of course to help you get perfect sleep.


If you’re looking to wake up early, lose weight, be motivated, and get results, look no more. Click HERE to grab the LadyBoss Transformation System, because they are literally the best products on the market and are actually made for women.

No jitters.  No itchiness.  No craziness.

The products are simply amazing. I wanted to share my morning routine with you guys and help you get motivated.  Hope you enjoyed it.

See you soon!

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