In The Beginning I Struggled With Everything

Hope you are having an amazing week beautiful 🙂

I got some AMAZING emails back in response to the one I sent out last week asking how I could help YOU!

So I wanted to share one I received and answer it for you…

Kristen wrote me:

“I guess if there were anything I’d like to see is maybe a little more about how you started out. What you struggled with.. How you figured everything out? I’ve researched a million things and a lot of what I read is contradictory. What are some reliable sources? How did you learn about healthier alternatives? And what work outs did you start out doing? How do you adjust to the changes in your body? Ex: when I cut out sodas and bad carbs, I feel like crap and have terrible headaches! I know it’s because my body is used to it. But how do you adjust? I would like to see more that relates to the person that is still where you were when you decided to change. 🙂 “


GREAT questions girl… I’m so glad you asked…

First of all…


You can watch this video I made going more into my backstory if you haven’t seen it.

A big thing that helped me know what to do in the beginning was stalking other fitness peoples Instagram profile…

If I saw multiple people doing the same thing I would think “Hey! That must work!”

Oh okay, she eats Chicken and Broccoli and a little bit of rice…

And she also eats xyz for breakfast!

And I would start seeing trends with multiple people doing one thing so I would try it!

So before I got a coach, that’s pretty much what I did!

I found successful people and modeled what they did!

When I first started going to the gym, I would jump on the elliptical for like 2 HOURS lol because it’s the only thing I knew how to do…

I would literally be on it watching everybody in the gym so I could learn what they were doing…

Crazy right?! ahaha

I think the big thing is just the fact that I WENT! I made an effort…

Thats something so big that people just don’t do nowadays….

They just need to START!

Do something…

If you start doing the wrong thing, thats okay, because you can always re adjust… Ya know?


Hope this helps!

Keep writing to me! I LOVE hearing from you!

With LOVE always,

Kaelin Tuell Poulin