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It All Starts With Your Belief In Yourself

Your belief in yourself and your belief in the fact that you can accomplish your goal, is what all of this boils down to.  One of my favorite inspirational quotes is: “She believed she could, so she did.”  You see, it all starts in the: “She believed that she could.” It didn’t say: “She doubted that she could, so she did.” It didn’t say: “She second guessed herself, so she did.” It said: “She believed that she could, so she did.

I think one of the most inspirational things that I did on my own journey, was envisioning myself at my goal weight, way before I was actually there.  Even though I didn’t know what I was doing, I wouldn’t let that doubt fester in my mind.  I just continued to picture myself at my goal weight, and my goal size, and saying: “I am in the dressing room trying on clothes, and I am actually enjoying myself” I actually heightened that belief way before I ever thought it was possible.  It was pretty much like, “Fake it till you make it” right?

Fake it.  Fake the belief.  Even if in the back of your mind you’re thinking:”I can never do it. I can never do it.”  Fake the belief until it really starts to feel true for you.  Every day I would write on my mirror with a dry erase marker: “I have lost 65 pounds.  I feel amazing.  I am confident.  I am unstoppable.”  I said those things to myself every single day, until I started to believe them.  I wrote: “I am amazing.  I am beautiful.  I can do anything.”  I read those to myself until it actually became a belief,  a true belief,  that I had about myself.

The same thing is true for you.  When you’re starting your journey, I bet it’s hard to believe that you’re going to be able to get there.  But, if you just believe, and you have faith, and you trust the process, and you tell yourself: “I can do this.  I’m going to get there.  I see myself there” then it will make everything else about your journey so much easier.  

Self-Sabotage Is A Waste Of Time And Energy

If you’re constantly thinking: “I’m never going to get there.  This is never actually going to happen.  I’m not ever actually going to be able to do this” how do you expect being able to take the next step?  Stop self-sabotaging where you want to go.

Start telling yourself: “I know that I can get there.  I know that I can lose this weight.  I can do this.  I am worth it.  I am amazing.  I work hard.  I am unstoppable.”  When you start doing that, you will truly start to believe it from the inside out, even if you don’t in the beginning.  Just be that woman who believes she could, so she did.

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