When you have that pizza

or fast food meal again…

it’s not what you think…


Hey Beautiful!
I know that “eating healthy consistently” is the hardest thing…
because I went through this whole process myself –
having to turn my back on the pizza and McDonalds that I was having at every meal was HARD!

BUT let me tell you the TRUTH.
When you stop eating that crap and start consistently eating things that are healthy for you, that actually serve your body PURPOSE…
When you have that pizza or fast food meal again…

Your body feels like crap, your stomach feels like crap, your head feels like crap….
Trust me, that’s like the first thing all of the LadyBosses tell me from being on the plan for the first week…
& something I also experienced for myself…
So here’s some help for you to focus on eating healthy this week & to get off the “Eating Crap Diet” lol
Here’s what I did when I first started…

Just start out keeping it super simply so you can actually STICK TO IT!
Breakfast was just oatmeal with about a tablespoon of almond butter and a scoop of vanilla shake mix.
For a snack, I would just have a single tuna packet.
Lunch would be tilapia, green beans, and a half a cup of brown rice.
Then, three hours later I would have a chicken breast and a cup of peas and another half a cup of brown rice.
Three hours later I would have shrimp and spinach and a cup of sweet potatoes.
Later at night I would have two cups of egg whites cooked with mushrooms and peppers.

It’s all pretty simple stuff.
(just stop thinking sooooo hard lol)
Just make sure you have all of the compounds; Complex Carbs, lean proteins, & healthy fats.
Some snacks that are good are almonds and avocados
Just get those fats in on your snacks and have complete meals every three hours.
As a beginner, you want to get your metabolism running.

Before I started eating healthy, I was eating several times a day…
But it was early in the morning and late at night and a lot of junk in between.
(& it was usually ice cream or cookie dough for dinner lol)
But it was never on schedule.
You want to make sure you have scheduled eating times so your metabolism keeps running all day long, which is going to burn more calories and burn more fat…
You want to make your body work FOR YOU!
Hope this helps you focus on just taking ONE STEP towards eating healthier…
& i know you’re going to FEEL AMAZING!
That’s my focus with the LadyBoss Challenge –
Helping you take ONE STEP at a time, so you don’t ever have to feel overwhelmed with changing everything at once…but changing one habit at a time until we’ve overcome it all together! I’m going to help you take one step toward your goal, then 5 steps, then your jogging, & then sprinting toward your goal…Rome wasn’t built in a day & you’re not going to get to your goal overnight…

But TOGETHER we can get there! One Step & One Focus at a time.
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With LOVE always,

Kaelin Tuell Poulin