I Am Heated At These Women…

Grrrrrrrrrrr, I want you to know the truth…

I’m really fricking mad this morning. I was scrolling through Instagram this morning, and it really kind of pissed me off. Looking at all of these photos and videos of women in fitness, and female fitness athletes and it just makes me mad

I keep seeing all of these like nudie pics of women with all their butts completely out–like wearing your backpack with your butt hanging out to sell a backpack!

Come on, let’s get real here.

I just want you all to know that you don’t have to sell-out like that. You can have self-respect and still be into fitness, got it? I’m frigging dressed like a boy right now. You don’t have to show off your butt to get followers, okay? You don’t have to have your boobs hanging out while you are working out to gain a couple of extra likes, okay?

Be yourself, be true to you. Do not lose your self-respect. Once you lose that, you can’t get it back. It’s gone.

And trust me, a lot of women think that you have to do that to inspire someone else. But those aren’t inspiration followers that you are gaming. Do you get the point?

If you want to inspire women, be you and set the bar high for them and yourself. Be a good role model for women. Be a good role model for your daughters. Think about it, is that what you want for your daughters? Do you want her to do something like this?

No way, right?

Save that stuff for your husband or special someone. That’s who it should be for…just the two of you in private. Keep it off social media. And trust me, you can be in fitness, get results and inspire other women without your boobs and butt hanging out.

There’s a difference between spending the day at the beach and feeling good in your bikini…feeling sexy and sexualizing it. Okay?

If you could see me now, I’m dressed like a boy to go workout at the gym. It’s okay. You can be just be yourself and do it. You don’t have to cross that line.

So this is for all my ladies that are into fitness, listen up. Don’t feel that this is something that comes along with being into fitness and working out, okay?

Because: I love you. I respect you. I want you to respect you


Remember, all you have to do is focus on WINNING TODAY. 

…Remember, always be spreading sparkle…