That event was called LadyBoss LIVE. 

Maybe you’ve seen the excitement and aftermath of the event or maybe you haven’t, but I can tell you 1 thing:  The information that was presented at LadyBoss LIVE was absolutely LIFE-CHANGING for HUNDREDS of women who are on a weight loss journey.

So much so, that literally thousands of women who were not able to attend have requested that we release the recordings of this POWERFUL 2 Day Conference.

Your requests have been taken seriously, so for the next 48 HOURS ONLY…you can get the full conference recordings.

Once you get your instant access to the LadyBoss LIVE Virtual Replay Theater, you will have the recordings for life to watch and re-watch as many times as you’d like.  I want to give you a serious warning here: On Sunday night October 15th, we will be pulling the purchase page down and you will no longer be able to get the recordings!  So, If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, there has NEVER been a better opportunity to get a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH.

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I want you to you understand exactly what kind of life changing information you are going to get from the 6 POWERHOUSE speakers who presented…

Here Is Just A Glimpse Of What You Are Going To Learn:

  • How To Become A “Meal Prep Master” In Less Than An Hour A Week
  • The Fundamentals Of Nutrition That Aren’t As Complicated As Everyone Thinks
  • The “Perfect Hand Method” For Easily Building Delicious Healthy Meals Every Single Time
  • How To Answer The Question: “Is this okay to eat?” OR “Is this LadyBoss approved?” Every Single Time With Confidence
  • How To ACTUALLY Read Nutrition Labels To Know If Something Is Good For You Or Not
  • A LIVE Demonstration You Can Do At Home To Permanently Stop Cravings
  • A Simple Technique To Shift Your Brain Chemistry To Stop Food Cravings
  • 1 Weird Mind Trick To Stop Food Cravings
  • Why Positive Memories From Your Childhood Are Causing You To Crave Foods Like Pizza, Ice Cream, & Chocolate Uncontrollably.
  • How To Lower Anxiety Instantly To Help You Easily Eat Less
  • How To Do A “Social Media Cleanse” To Free You From The Negative People In Your Life
  • Practical Meal Prep Tips With Kids And How To Get Your Kids To Eat Healthy
  • How LBT’s (Little Bites And Tastes) Can Really Hurt Your Progress. Leftover Crusts, The Food On Their Plates, Etc.
  • How To Stay On Track When Life Gets Busy
  • How To Leverage “Self-Awareness” To Control Binge Eating
  • How To Become Unshakeable And Even Bullet-Proof In Your Weight Loss Journey
  •  A Simple Process To Identify And Take Authority Over The Excuses That Are Holding You Back
  • An Exercise To Take The Power Out Of Bad Memories That Are Holding You Back
  • How To Create Your “Circle Of EXCELLENCE” To Tap Into Unlimited Confidence When Facing Any Situation
  • A Mind Trick To Replace Your “Problem Behaviors” With Your Ideal Reaction
  • How To Turn Your Your Least Favorite Tasks Into Things You Love To Do


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P.S. I can’t WAIT for you to learn all of this GAME CHANGING information! Everyone has worked so hard to bring their best and I know you won’t be disappointed!


…Remember, always be spreading Sparkle…