As soon as Thanksgiving hits, everyone stops working out…Right?

Don’t let that be you this year.

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Don’t Get Lazy.

As soon as December hits, everyone kind of starts to fall off the wagon.  They’re like: “Well, I have to run here, and I have to get these errands done. I have to get that done. You know, I have this Christmas party to go to, and I have this dinner with my friends.

What falls to the wayside, is you.  What falls to the wayside, is your health, and your goal.  I used to do this every year.  The whole month of December would just become awash for me, because I would stop working out or eat healthy consistently.

But then, a couple years ago, I said: “You know what? This needs to stop. I work out every single day of the year.  Why is it that December is so hard for me?” When I really sat down and mapped it out, I realized it was because it was not scheduled.  I was scheduling the Christmas parties.  I was scheduling the shopping with my friends.  I was scheduling the errands I needed to run after work, but what I was not shifting my schedule to fit workouts.  

Get Up 30 Minutes Earlier, And Do An At-Home Workout

LadyBoss Trainer is full of them.  Do an at-home workout every day, or go for a sprint outside.  The crisp air actually feels good.  Get a treadmill at home.  Get to the gym in the morning before work.  

Shift your schedule so it can still fit in there.  Don’t get lazy this month.  Even though you’re adding all of this stuff that has to be done, don’t forget your goals, your priority, and your health.  That should still be the number one thing.

Make sure that it’s not just being deleted and replaced in your schedule.  Make sure that you’re making room for those other things that you need to do, because if you don’t, you are going to start to backslide, and that’s not a spiral you want yourself to get into.

So, just shift your schedule.  Start working out in the morning, before your hectic and busy day starts.  If that’s what it takes for the month of December, so be it.  It’s not like that all year.  It’s just this month.  Do whatever it takes, but make sure you make it happen.

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