HAHA! Okay so this is going to be fun 🙂
WARNING: Men, if you opened this against my advice, it’s not too late to backout now!

Let’s talk some “Girl Stuff”
So yesterday I got 2 AWESOME questions about PMS and Husbands that don’t cooperate…

The 2 unescapable problems of life :p …

I’m going to keep it anonymous out of respect for my friend who asked, but hopefully this can help you 🙂

Okay so weird question, but do you have any tips/tricks that you use while you are going through PMS and that time of the month? I feel weird for asking but I feel like no matter how on track i am with my diet/exercise during the rest of the month, that whole week during i cant get motivated to workout as much or as hard and i stuff my face more because the cravings are so much stronger than normal! Cravings suck to begin with but than when they are multiplied by 1000 than its an even worse struggle!

Also question #2: im getting married this summer in august and my future husband is not into eating anything healthy at all, like not even one bit! Hes super picky at eating and i know he will have a lot of junk food around the house for himself to eat that i shouldnt have. I am super worried about being constantly tempted because i will probably have to cook separate meals for him and i. Like i will probably have my meal prep and than i will cook him a burger for dinner for example instead or something that i cant have but that he will eat. I dont know if you have any tips that can help me prepare for and help me to make sure i dont cheat too much when im going to be around foods i shouldn’t have a lot when im married and not to mention having to cook them too! Thank you so much for your time reading this! I love your advice and videos and you inspire me!

— To Kaelin Tuell IFBB Pro

Hey ______, i have SUPER bad periods and im pretty much miserable and wanting to eat everything in sight! lol I have found alternative healthy stuff that works for me like Arctic zero ice cream instead of real ice cream. & cookie dough quest bars instead of chocolate. I make Jalapeno poppers out of egg whites and jalapenos in a mini muffin pan…. etc! so you just have to find something healthy that still gives you that “fix” that you love!

Also, the deal with your husband is what I do every day lol i eat just straight up fish and green beans for example & i make that for him too but i make it in the style of a burrito for him with rice and beans and guacamole – so that he will actually enjoy it! so try making the same “base” meal and then just style his up in the form of something awesome like a quesadilla, burrito, rice bowl, hamburger, etc

— My Response

If it wasn’t educational, maybe it was at least entertaining 😉

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