I want to show you my Lose The Weight And Keep It Off Routine.

I have so many messages from ladies asking about what supplements they should be taking, so I’m going to show you my daily routine.  A step by step explanation of exactly how I do it.

I have 5 favorite supplements.

One of the reason I love these 5 supplements, is because they are all scientifically formulated for women and they are backed with a ton of all-natural ingredients.  

The second reason is because they actually work. I personally use all of them every single day because they changed my life.  

If you’re someone who struggles with low energy, cravings, low motivation, trouble sleeping, or being sore all the time after the gym, you need to keep reading.

Can you imagine?

Not being tired anymore; not having cravings anymore; not having to worry about eating healthy on the go anymore; not having to worry about lack of sleep or being tired all the time anymore; or not being sore anymore.  

I’m about to solve all those things for you.

#1 The first thing that I do when I wake up, is take LadyBoss BURN.

LadyBoss Burn is an all-natural fat burner that’s scientifically formulated for women.  It doesn’t have a bunch of chemicals or weird ingredients that makes you feel like you’re having a heart attack or gives you the jitters.  

I used to take a lot of fat burners from other companies. I just wanted something that would remove excess fat, right? — But let me tell you, there’s so many times I thought I was dying.    

Now, I take one LadyBoss BURN in the morning and another one in the afternoon, so twice per day. It helps me jump start my metabolism in the morning, and gives me an energy boost in the afternoon.  

Right now, because I’m pregnant, I need to cut down on caffeine a little bit, so I only take one per day, but that’s okay, because I still get the energy that I need — especially now in my first trimester.  This is a lifesaver for me.

It makes you feel great.  It’s like you never knew you would have so much fun cleaning your house until you had LadyBoss BURN.

#2 Before I hit the gym, I put a scoop of LadyBoss RECOVER in my shaker.

This helps me avoid being sore after the gym.  If you’re like me, you can go to the gym on Monday, then you’re sore for the rest of the week.  LadyBoss RECOVER will prevent that aching muscle feeling after working out. It’s a natural post-workout recovery drink.

How are you supposed to lose weight, if you’re so sore you can’t go to the gym?

The amazing thing about RECOVER, is that it helps repair the muscles as you’re breaking them down.  It helps to repair the muscle, as you’re working out. You can imagine LadyBoss RECOVER like building blocks, building back your muscle tissue that you’ve broken down.

It tastes like watermelon.

It also has a full array of electrolytes, so you don’t feel drained out and dehydrated after a workout.  

#3 I add 1 scoop of LadyBoss FUEL in the same shaker, so it mixes with my LadyBoss RECOVER

LadyBoss FUEL is motivation in a bottle.  I’m not even kidding. It has the same watermelon flavor as the LadyBoss RECOVER, so you can drink both at the same time, either before the gym or during.   

LadyBoss FUEL will basically help you get energized for the gym, and be ready to workout.  It will get the blood flowing and pumping so you actually feel motivated to workout.

On those days where you’re like: “Man, I don’t feel like going to the gym,” or if you’re thinking: “Ah, I just don’t know if I’m gonna make it to the gym today.”  — FUEL is going to get your butt there. You don’t even have to worry about it.

FUEL also enhances your mood.  

If you’re ready to feel motivated, feel good, and have that electric boost when you go to the gym, this is the supplement you need.  This will make you want to work out, whether it’s in your living room, at the gym, or outside, FUEL is the one thing that you’re missing to make that happen, okay?  Motivation in a bottle is what everyone calls this.

So, I mix both of those together and drink it on the way to the gym.

#4 LadyBoss LEAN.

LadyBoss LEAN is a all-in-one nutritional shake for women.  I actually have this supplement twice in a day. It has an entire panel of all the nutrition that you need.  I’m pregnant right now, and I don’t even have to take a prenatal everyday, because this shake mix has that much nutrition in it.  It actually has more nutritional value than most of the prenatals that were recommended to me.

It’s grass-fed whey, non-GMO, low sugar and soy-free. It’s amazing.  Not only that, but it tastes like vanilla cake and does not clump!

Don’t listen to me.  Just read all the comments about it and you’ll be convinced.  

I take LadyBoss LEAN right after my workout.  Whether you workout in the morning or workout at night, you can have LEAN right after.  It’s going to help you build that lean muscle that will help you burn fat off your body.   

We all want that.  

The second time that I have it is as a meal replacement, for lunch or mid-day snack.  I will have LEAN with peanut butter and some unsweetened Hershey cocoa = reese cup flavor.  It’s delicious! I will often replace a meal with LadyBoss LEAN, because it crushes my cravings away. Buh Bye!

We also have a FREE LadyBoss LEAN recipe book that comes with it.  It’s filled with recipes that are so good you won’t believe it’s a healthy meal.  

#5 LadyBoss REST

This one literally changed my life.  

I used to do everything right during the day, but still couldn’t sleep.  Every time that I would lay in bed at night, I could just not fall asleep. I was constantly running my to-do list in my head. I’m sure a lot of you ladies feel like that! — Just thinking and contemplating and blah, blah, blah.  I couldn’t sleep and I would wake up a million times throughout the night. I was just miserable.

And then LadyBoss came along.

LadyBoss REST is an all-natural sleep optimizer.  It just lulls you to sleep like little angels singing to you.  You take 2 an hour before bed, and wait for magic to happen.

It’s not like a prescription sleep medication, okay?  It won’t knock you out, or make you feel drugged. It just gently lulls you to sleep until you start yawning, and feel your eyelids get heavier.  So you go lay down and you’ll fall asleep quickly. AND, you’ll sleep through the night. It’s amazing and it’s literally changed my life. The best part is I don’t wake up feeling drowsy, or tired.  I wake up feeling rested, period.

Together, with all 5 supplements, you have the LadyBoss LABS product line.  

  • If you struggle with cravings – LEAN
  • if it’s really hard for you to lose fat – BURN
  • If you’re sore all the time – RECOVER
  • If you struggle with sleeping – REST
  • If you struggle with motivation – FUEL

You can buy them separately, but they work better when you take them all together.  Besides, for most of us, it’s not one thing or the other. It’s a mix of everything, right?  That was me.

It’s just really cool that there is a line of products that’s scientifically formulated specifically for women.   For years and years and years, I was taking supplements that were tailored for men. Some even had testosterone and I didn’t know it.   That is so messed up.

So now you know how I’m keeping the weight off, feeling good, having energy, fighting cravings, and staying motivated.  

You can get all five of these together.  It’s called the LadyBoss Transformation System.

You can feel good, you can look good, you can fight those cravings, you can have motivation, and you can sleep at night.  You’re going to get that extra energy from and will be cleaning your house like Snow White. It’s gonna be awesome.

When you get all 5 together, you’re actually going to get a discounted pricing and free shipping!

All you have to do is click HERE

Until next time,